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Thread: POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

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    POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

  2. Junkie
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    Re: POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

    Very far from the place she actually deserved! I found myself rooting more for her than Salvador. For me, the best performer and (above all other things) PERSON in Eurovision Song Contest this year. I must confess I fell in love with her. Such transparent kind soul, such power and true emotion in her voice and performance. And a non-political message to share as well.

    Of course, the placement on the final ruined her chances from the moment it was announced. I don't know what did such a powerful and moving entry such as Kasia's did to deserve that sort of poor decision when designing the final.

    I saw her performing yesterday on lest dress reharsal and read/saw that she was feeling ill. But whoever noticed that tonight? I certainly didn't. So I praise her for not letting it show or affect her performance.
    On the other hand I did find the SF1 performance more vibrant though.

    But anyway, juries do suck. The fact they fail to recognize the masterpiece that is "Flashlight" goes to show how much they really know about music. And yeah, I'd like to read from the diaspora conspirators right now as well. I'm glad she got more recognized by we, the people, although I think she deserved way more recognition than Szpak last year (and I love that quirky bastard in a bro way ). Proper jury should have gave her top 10 at least (though she was clear top 5/possible winner material).

    I still know she gave her all and as a new fan I am thankful. Both to her for her performance and also to Poland for sending quality our way once again.

    From the little I followed extra-contest this week I notice she did the whole promotions parties tour. Maybe that wore her down a little? Songs like "Flashlight" shouldn't be spread to exhaustion, but rather kept as a precious gem in my opinion. Then again I can't blame her for living the ESC experience in FULL. At least that goes to show she really wanted this and tried to extract the most of it.

    Unlike my ungrateful winning performer (I'm very happy of course but as a lifelong Eurovision fan can't help but say that Kasia is the type of PERSON I want to see winning Eurovision one day. She's already a winner for seeing life the way she does anyway!)
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    Re: POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

    Quote Originally Posted by julien4ESC View Post
    Poland is the new Turkey. No matter what they send, they will always qualify for the finale thanks to their diaspora !
    Could you repeat it today?

  4. Guru
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    Re: POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

    I am very happy for the late justice for Michal Szpak. All these complaints about supposed Polish diaspora, when Michal Szpak rocketed up the scoreboard for his outstanding, goosebumps arousing performance last year. Now this case is finally settled for good.

    As for Flashlight, it got slightly more than it deserved.
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    Re: POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

    Thank you for votes for Kasia
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  6. Ninja
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    Re: POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

    Juries gave her only 18 points fewer than the Televotes, so no need to complain. For me she was #11 which means i wouldnt give points to her even if she did well. Polish ESC-Fans should finally stop complaining about Juries. This Year even Greece got for the first Time more Jurypoints then Poland and i think that might also happen to Poland in a few years.

    E: If even the german audience give only 2 Points to Poland, the irish people only 7 and the austrian also only 2 it seems to be the fault of the song or the singer (in this case more likely the song) (Nohate).

  7. Veteran
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    Re: POLAND 2017 - Kasia Moś - Flashlight

    My review of "Flashlight":

    -After a huge success last year (which surprised a lot of people, including me), Poland continued their streak of slow entries for the third time in a row: "Flashlight" is a dramatic ballad that carries an important message: animal protection and respect, which is sadly an underrepresented theme in pop music: humans are animals too, so it's always useful to remind people that they should also take care of the other creatures living on this planet. We consider ourselves civilised, yet we keep abusing animals in this day and age... Anyway, lyrically I fail to totally make the connection with this message, from what I understand it's about escaping metaphorical fetters (intolerance? violence maybe?) and living for what we think is the best for us regardless of what it might cost us. Musically, it started out with sound effects (like someone running), which I guess was quite new for a Eurovision entry. Then the music - that mainly included background synths, sparse piano notes and quiet strings - started suddenly. The detail that I think was cheesy was the gunshot sound. Here, the accompaniment was so pared-down that Kasia's high register had all the space available to shine. As the pre-chorus arrived, things got really interesting imo: her voice switched to its lower register (which I find more interesting) and the pace was slightly faster. The music - with its indefinable sound effects and piano notes - got an ominous and almost cinematic vibe. The chorus kicked off with (finally!) an actual beat, a lovely melody that showcased Kasia's low register, and strings that brought a welcome hint of classiness and drama. The second verse builded on that, with a very present beat and violin accompaniment. After a second chorus similar to the first one, we got... an outro with belted out notes! In this regard, the song stood out because most entries tend to end with a chorus or a couple of lines from the beginning. The strings took the lead, it was really dramatic. You know guys that I'm usually a sucker for this kind of ballads in general, but "Flashlight" actually just half-convinced me. Firstly, they could have toned down the sound effects a little - while they were particularly effective in the beginning and during the pre-choruses, I feel like there was too much of them overall. Secondly, I do find the verses relatively uneventful and - dare I say - "too standard Eurovision ballad-like", compared with the arresting and catchy pre-choruses/choruses: I like the high/low register contrast well enough though, it's just that composition and arrangement-wise, the verses are of inferior quality imo. The outro was a good idea too, yet I fail to feel the power it should inspire to the listener, it passes me by. To sum up, "Flashlight" isn't a bad effort at all - it was my favourite song from the Polish NF - and it's far superior to the uninspired and yawn-inducing ballads "For Life", "I Don't Wanna Live" and "In The Name Of Love". However, I'm not 100% on board either due to half the song being sleek and efficient, and the other half being rather disappointing for my taste. Of course, it's nowhere near the greatness of Michal's song, but whoever would have represented Poland this year would have paled in comparison in my book. Pros: the use of sound effects, the beats, Kasia's low register. Cons: the musically less interesting verses.

    To me, the highlight of the song is definitely the chorus: the beat, the strings, and Kasia's voice did wonders there. I wish the entire composition would have been similar to that.

    -Vocally, Kasia is a reliable vocalist. The thing is the studio version and the live version made "Flashlight" two different songs: I liked the mysteriousness and heartfeltness of the studio cut, but I also enjoyed the powerfulness of grunts and belted-out notes while sung live. Other members pointed that out and I agree with them: she should have mixed those two facets of the song by holding back in the beginning and building up after the first chorus. She didn't eventually, yet her performances were all great imo: she's so enjoyable live. If there was anything to split hairs about, it would be the sustained last note, which sounded too forced. Other than that, thumbs up!

    -Visually, the presentation surprised me as it was absolutely not what I'd have envisioned for this kind of song. It started out in the dark with a single blue spotlight directed at Kasia, then she started singing when the camera captured a closeup of her face. Until now, I hadn't noticed the plume of smoke they put behind her in response to the "smoking gun" line which is hilarious to me in hindsight. The stage was mainly decorated with rows of blue lights, a violonist (who happened to be her brother I think) and a dark starry sky in the background (I did like the smoke/clouds effects that appeared). Several constellations resembling animals were displayed both on screen and on the floor: it looked good actually. The flashing blue light points (in the background) that accompanied the sound effects during the pre-choruses/choruses were my first highlight, it was a detail I appreciated a lot. The second highlight was obviously the flight of the doves (first reference to freedom): very classy and good constrast between white and dark blue. Good work on the flashing white lights during the outro, and the word "Freedom" was relatively tastetul: usually I don't like when words are used (it was amazingly efficient with "Color Of Your Life" though), but I didn't mind it here, it didn't take too much screen time to come across as cheesy imo. Finally, since their comeback, I realise the Polish stagings are low-key popping: they are never revolutionary, but they serve the songs well and are relatively well conceived. This year was no exception: while I still think blue and stars are used way too frequently in Eurovision, I liked their presentation: it was a good compromise between darkness and brightness. Outfit-wise, Kasia wore a sleek white dress with a high slit and interesting cut top-wise: she looked good, the boobs were securely locked in place and she showed some skin: what's not to like?

    -Results-wise, Poland of course qualified because they were among the most solid ballad acts both musically and performance-wise in semi 1. The final placing was disappointing, yet expected because the bastards once again placed a ballad in second position, which means bottom 5 in the end (they should seriously consider placing uptempo songs or midtempo ones there). I hope the juries jumped for joy after so many attempts at making Poland bomb. Kasia was 12th with people, which is quite an achievement with the death slot, still it wasn't enough to save her. Now I hope people realised that the Polish diaspora alone can't make Poland reach a 3rd place out of nowhere, Michal appealed to many people and deserved his high televoting score imo. Regarding Kasia, while I'm not crazy about the song (It's in the lower half of my personal top 20), 22nd place is way too low, she should have at the very very least beaten Denmark and Greece. Anyway, good job guys! You've qualified four times in a row! I hope to hear another gem from you soon: I'm aware it's like asking for the moon, but I'd love hear Polish next time, I find your language so musical! Keep the faith and don't get too upset about juries, they don't know the real deal for the most part.
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