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Thread: LITHUANIA 2017 - Fusedmarc - Rain of Revolution

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    LITHUANIA 2017 - Fusedmarc - Rain of Revolution

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    Re: LITHUANIA 2017 - Fusedmarc - Rain of Revolution

    My review of "Rain Of Revolution":

    -Lithuania is one my least favourite ESC nations: their songs are always either bland or cheap (or both) and the fact they manage to qualify with almost anything (compared with other Baltic nations) is a mystery to me. Actually, Lithuanians only get my attention when they go crazy and fail to qualify (Eastern European Funk, Attention) - the irony of it all - and "Rain Of Revolution" is in line with their "out there" liking, which I'll always find more interesting than nondescript songs like "C'est Ma Vie", "Something", "This Time"... you name it. Given the length of the Lithuanian NF, it might sound crazy that such a "random" song can win. I thought that too at first, but it's not like they had tons of interesting songs and at least it's not a Swedish import. "Rain Of Revolution" is a strange piece of music that seems to encompass various influences from vintage rock, 90's pop, funk, gospel, jazz and only God knows what else. It's a hot mess that mixes peculiar elements one wouldn't think of putting together - oddly enough - the whole thing seems to make sense somehow. The Latvian entry had a disjointed structure but was rather homogeneous sonically - yet I didn't feel like it worked. On the contrary, the Lithuanian one has a structure that's more "palatable" imo, even if it builds on its strange arrangements. It's very WTH at first listening, but there is a groove that actually makes it quite enjoyable. The chorus line "Now I’m getting closer to you" is such an ear-worm to me and the "yeah-yeah" are so hilarious This is so unashamedly different - and we've had so many standard songs this year - that it is a breath of fresh air, Fusedmarc are doing them, and that's why it's so good in its own genre. Pros: WTH-esque, groovy, the brass instruments that are hands-down the kings and queens of the whole song. Cons: None (for what it is).

    To me, the highlight of the song is the whole chorus: the combination of "Now I’m getting closer to you", the brass sassy sounds and the "yeah-yeah". I'm done!

    -Vocally, Viktorija hasn't always been pitch-perfect throughout her Eurovision journey, but I guess vocal precision matters less in this kind of songs where energy and groove take the lead. I think her voice suits the song, her "screeching" qualities are part of the charm of the act imo. Her semi live performance was great for the most past, she was off-key a couple times, but then again, I don't think that's what matters here.

    -Visually, it wasn't revolutionary (pun intended) but very red and white. The led background mainly displayed moving geometrical shapes, black moutains, a beating heart with blood drops (!), white diamonds in the rain, flashing lights and - of course - the now famous circle of sparks, which is for me the highlight of the presentation (like the Serbian whirlpool). I don't know if there was a meaning behind all that, but I found the whole thing classy, neat, energetic and in line with the song (I loved the red/black/white combination). The backing vocalists helped fill the stage a little (this year, pretty much all these people were hidden, why?), on the contrary, the other Fusedmarc member (sorry, I don't remember his name) was kind of useless. Viktorija wore the same high bun and long red outfit she had in the Lithuanian NF, and I don't mind, she looked cool and sleek. I like how she randomly walked the stage at times, as if she was in her own living-room "I'm doing me tonight, deal with it"

    -Results-wise, Lithuania was the second safest non-qualifier of the semi, after San Marino, which is a shame because, even though the song isn't really my cup of tea and didn't make my personal top 15, I think it was refreshing to have such an unapologetic act in a year full of politically-correct-and-equally-boring entries. At least, "Rain Of Revolution" was devisive, despite not making people want to start a revolution It kind of grows on me and actually I think they could have deserved a spot in the final. Second-to-last place was expected though, songs like that are niche and receive little support (never forget Three Minutes To Earth), but it's good to have some for the sake of diversity. To me, it's easily the best Lithuanian entry ever - along with "Attention" in 2014 - since I started watching the contest in 2009. I can't say I love it, I wouldn't go that far, but its quirkiness makes it fun and I respect the effort. Results tell the contrary, yet I would advise Lithuanians to keep sending "out there" songs rather than the boring stuff that makes 'em qualify undeservedly. I genuinely pray for a song that will finally 100% have me on board, it's about time! See you next year! Yeah-Yeah!

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