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Thread: BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

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    BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

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    Re: BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

    Quote Originally Posted by GRE View Post
    Why do you think the romanin kiss was a fail ?
    It looks forced and Alex kinda did it hard to Ilinca which is bad, i don't even think she's prepared for it.

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    Re: BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

    They are now faces of Coca-Cola in Belarus. The song/ad is done in Belarusian for the first time.

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    Re: BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

    They got married!
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    Re: BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

    My review of "Historyja majho ˛yccia":

    -Belarus is a quite decent ESC nation to me, they've sent songs that I ended up liking a lot ("Eyes That Never Lie", "I Love Belarus", "Cheesecake", "Time"). They always seem to try new things even though they do not get anywhere results-wise most of the time. How surprised I was to learn that this year they would send their first entry in Belarusian ever! Finally! Both musically and language-wise, they embraced diversity and "Historyja majho ˛yccia" sounded like no other song of this edition. I would say it's a cheerful folk-ish uptempo song, the arrangements are very organic and authentic-sounding: heavy drums meet electric and acoustic guitars, bells, and culture-infused vocalises from Naviband. For once, it's an entry that is 100% related to Europe and folk music, which is refreshing when these days - if the songs don't seem to come straight from an American factory - they tend to sound alike because being "international" (meaning replicating an Anglo-Saxon kind of musical format/ideal) is apparently supposed to be the best concept ever. The melody is dynamic, and both singers' voices complement each other. The orchestration is a bit too overwhelming to me, I mean there is no defined peak or trough, it remains unvaried arrangement-wise and heavy and linear during the entire song. I don't mean it in a bad way, it's just I personally would have liked more variation. Regarding the melody, it's cute and it serves happy folkloric realness, yet I fail to get into it: it's not as melodious as I hoped and even though the chorus is quite catchy, I think it's overshadowed by the "yeah-yeah-oh" hook which I find a bit too shouty for my taste. Overall, this is a solid effort from Belarus, they've once again managed to come up with something different from their previous entries, and I totally respect it, even though I sadly don't like it because it's not my type of song. Pros: BELARUSIAN language comes through all the way! It's an inestimable added value to the song; the cheerful vibe going on is also noteworthy, and this was one of the few songs that was actually in line with this year's slogan. Cons: Objectively, I would say none, as it's a solid song that serves its purpose imo. Subjectively, it's not my cup of tea at all sadly.

    Even though I kind of dislike it now, the musical highlight to me is the "yeah-yeah-oh" hook that is really giving energy, catchiness and an extra folk identity to the song.

    -Vocally, let's be real: Ksenija is far superior to Artsyom in this regard. His voice is cute, but thankfully she was here to sing during his parts most of the time. Still, they were convincing together and, given the type of song they had, energy matters more than "surgical" vocal precision: not that they were off-key or anything, but you get the idea. Honestly, I didn't notice any difference between the studio version, the semi live performance and the final one: they've been consistent, which is good.

    -Visually - like Armenia - they've brought a presentation I wouldn't have come to expect for an "ethnic" song. I was already imagining the stage bathed in red and green (the colours of their flag) with strong ethnic visuals... And the good thing is they went for something less predictable, that's also less cliché, and that is in line with my opinion that ethnic/folk songs don't necessarily demand visuals that would just reinforce what's already obvious. So, Naviband was standing on a small white and black boat with lateral propellers, jumping and clapping their hands. The floor was bathed in blue light with light pink patterns. On the background screen there was: a moon surrounded by an orb with snowflake-looking stylised patterns on it, peaks of what I would suggest were the roofs of cultural buildings and other nice graphic elements I wouldn't be able to describe. Honestly, I thought it looked really good, classy, expensive and dreamy... almost "One Thousand and One Nights" imo. I also loved the idea of having made Naviband look like they were actually floating on air with the smoke, the clouds and the impression of movement given by the roofs moving away from them. Oufit-wise, they stood out nicely in their white outfits on the generally blue setting (even though, basically everyone wore white this year for some reason). The camera angles were on point, we got a good balance between closeups, wide shots of the arena and round shots of the stage which highlighted the boat. Green lights and tree branches appeared (blue and green don't usually go together, but it looked ok here), then true pyros and fake fireworks brightened up the background. Finally, the performance ended with a big stylised sun. I must say, that was a very good staging: cute, polished and tasteful, even though I wasn't sure about the prevailing blue colour at first. Well done guys!

    -Results-wise - regardless of what I think of the song - I'm glad they qualified because: 1) it celebrated diversity, it stood out musically and brought Belarusian to the contest; 2) the whole package was convincing, they gave a great performance and the staging was on point; 3) in an overall musically uniform and unexciting semi, people needed a song like this, folk/ethnic music has been an endangered species in the contest for a few years now. Naviband achieved a 17th place which is about decent given their early starting position, I'm glad for them. I won't tell how I ranked the song in my personal ranking because it doesn't reflect the qualities I objectively see in it. See you next year guys, I seriously hope Belarusian won't be a one-time thing: you qualified this year, so please don't be afraid of showcasing your language again.

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    Re: BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

    Thank you, Belarusian brothers, for East-Slavic language on the stage! This song was in my top 5.
    Music: Happy, fast and positive!
    Voice: Great combining of two beautiful voices!
    Lyrics: Same as music.
    Stage performance: One of the best in this year's Eurovision.
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    All that you see above is just my personal opinion that doesn't pretend to be absolute truth. I respect opinions of others so please respect mine.

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    Re: BELARUS 2017 - NAVIBAND - Historyja majho ˛yccia

    During another visit to Ukraine:

    The TV host asks them in Ukrainian and they answer in Belarusian. We undesrtand everything so there's no need in translator.
    The kiss was a joke/bet if they qualify to the final.
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