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Thread: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

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    ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    Eurovision is a TV show, not a radio show people. Don't forget that

  3. Ninja
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    @Ezio indeed, that's not the point of it. If it's charting the better but not necessary

  4. Ninja
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    Songwise this is still in my opinion superior to every other song in this year's competition, at least if you listen to the studio version.

  5. Mentor
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    Apr 2015

    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    I think two aspects hurt the most:

    1. The gorilla! Last night everyone around me was like "what a pointless gimmick!" - And during the recap the again complained about the gorilla
    2. The cut! Due to the lack of the second verse it sounded quite repetitive...
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  6. Enthusiast
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    I've loved this entry since February but last night's performance didn't impress me.
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  7. Legend
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    This was shocking. Especially such a "lame" televoting result. I don't know why this happened, but this was the opinion from my friends who watched with me Eurovision and hadn't listened to the song before: they liked the song, but they didn't like Francesco so much. They kept repeating thins like "he's so full of himself" or "he's too Italian".
    Don't know. Probably here is the reason why this didn't do as expected.

    However, my opinion is that this song has a perfect studio, a perfect videoclip, but the live performance (both Sanremo and Eurovision) is weak.
    1- Portugal, 2- France, 3- Israel,4- Bulgaria, 5- Italy

  8. Senior Member
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    I think some italians are dead and angry lol All I have heard from local fansites is "we must withdraw!" or "we must invade San Marino!" (well, I only approve the latter)

    This will not happen of course, what I can say is thanks to Gabbani and all this hype Italy got really hooked and involved with Eurovision. The broadcast won for the first time ever the prime time after Italy's return in 2011, beating the 16th edition of Amici (basically, Italian Idol). 3.8 million will remember everything of this (5.3 million during Gabbani performance) and I bet only a small part of the audience were seriously disappointed with the result. Eurovision was for weeks on newspapers, websites... an event that was ignored just 5/6 years ago until 2015 when Il Volo created the right conditions for the contest to be recognized in Italy aswell. Yes, maybe next year, if we do not send another artist famous like Gabbani, the Tv ratings and interest may fall, but yesterday's show set a milestone that won't fade away.

    We may take another 5, 10, 20 or 49 years to win again the Eurovision, but I sure hope that we will stay in this family now and forever.

    Much of the high personnel of RAI was there yesterday hoping for a real win. For the first time they were truly interested to see the outcome and learn about the show production. They will try to change Sanremo looking at the Eurovision format and in the future probably they'll leave the Ariston Theatre looking for a brand new arena in the city. We did find out that some cities, like Bologna, decided to propose already a host bidding before the actual result, and that's great to know!

    I'm sure Francesco is happy for the outcome. He was eventually ready for a disappointment. He took the Eurovision easy.
    The 6th place is honorauble, and finally the winner is both from televote and juries. I loved Portugal! Sure, a top 3 would have been better, but simply someone didn't got involved with the song, some others were clearly lowering his chances. But I must say the whole concept was not 100% on point.
    1) The choruses were not needed and did damage to the overall look
    2) The cut was awful (but these are the ESC rules, I think we should introduce the same 3min rule in Sanremo so this won't happen again)
    3) Backdrop too much dark that the gorilla was barely visible
    4) O.k. was too much of an hit for months, that people got annoyed at some point
    5) O.k. is not something Europe waits from Italy, it was rather strange for them I think
    6) In the end, O.k. and Francesco were not alone in the category, with Moldova and Romania sharing the same boat. In fact, I think Moldova appearing first damaged a lot O.k.

    What I did not like in fact was the juries petting for countries like Australia (2nd last in the televote) and Sweden (they did not deserve that result this year). Also, I'm hating the behaviour of Italy's jury, Portugal's jury and Bulgaria's jury. The 3 juries of each hot favorites Nations were clearly playing a strategy game. Italy and Portugal juries gave 12 points to Azerbaijan (what???) and while Italy gave 5 points to Portugal, they choose to not give anything to us. Regarding Bulgaria, they didn't vote for both and choose to give 12 points to Austria (WTF??). I should mention San Marino... yes... 2 points... I would be very happy to not see them ever again in Eurovision. Just plain terrible.

    But the most horrible thing to watch was all the hate surrounding Italy and Francesco all these months. We and Francesco did not deserve it. And it may have played a small part. This is an example from BBC during the Final: click image

    For the future I would like to see the abolishment of the Automatic Qualifiers (host excluded). It's time for the Big 5 to give it all and go for the Semifinals. They'll have another spotlight and maybe Francesco could have achieved a better position. Same for Alma.

    Sorry for the lenghtness of the post!
    I'm now looking forward to Lisbon 2018

  9. Ninja musicfan's Avatar
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    Quote Originally Posted by darkap View Post
    But the most horrible thing to watch was all the hate surrounding Italy and Francesco all these months.
    Really? Can't say I felt it. Sounds like over-dramatising, and reading too much into things. It is quite a popular song and he's quite popular from what I can tell.

  10. Veteran
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    I remember some got "upset" when I said that this wasn't a standout winner in the same category as "Euphoria" or "Fairytale", seems I was correct? Although I would have preferred this over Portugal but oh well... I'm not too surprised though, it sounds very standard pop to my ears, not bad but nothing interesting either.

  11. Legend
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    Re: ITALY 2017 - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

    When this performed last night I said to my friend "this ain't winning, in fact it ain't coming top 5" - turns out I was right. And tbh I'm glad, I love Italy and I'd love them to win/host, but this wasn't the one to do it with. I don't find it terribly appealing any which way I look at it. A quality Italian entry for me is the likes of Marco Mengoni, Il Volo, not this weird dancing and ape.

    Portugal, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belgium and Sweden all deserved to finish above this, so did several others as a matter of fact.
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