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Thread: Naples 1965 - Your Top 18

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    Naples 1965 - Your Top 18

    Today I decided to finnish what Edward and AnonymousESCfan started and open the remaining threads

    Say "Na na na" 22 times. Yes, you're gonna like it! Ya-la-la

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    Re: Naples 1965 - Your Top 18

    I'm not sure whether to just do the ones that are there or start my own and do them all but here is my 1965 anyway!

    18.Monaco-Marjorie Noel-Va dire à l'amour
    17.Spain-Conchita Bautista-¡Qué bueno, qué bueno!
    16.Netherlands-Conny van den Bos-t Is genoeg
    15.Denmark-Birgit Brüel-For din skyld
    14.Switzerland-Yovanna-Non, à jamais sans toi
    13.Finland-Viktor Klimenko-Aurinko laskee länteen
    12.Sweden-Ingvar Wixell-Absent Friend
    11.Belgium-Lize Marke-Als het weer lente is

    10.Italy-Bobby Solo-Se piangi, se ridi
    9.Ireland-Butch Moore-Walking the Streets in the Rain
    8.Germany-Ulla Wiesner-Paradies, wo bist du?
    7.Portugal-Simone de Oliveira-Sol de inverno
    6.France-Guy Mardel-N'avoue jamais
    5.Norway-Kirsti Sparboe-Karusell
    4.Yugoslavia-Vice Vukov-Čežnja
    3.Austria-Udo Jürgens-Sag ihr, ich lass sie grüßen (I actually prefer his other songs to his winner!)
    2.United Kingdom-Kathy Kirby-I Belong (I had a bit of trouble finding a particularly strong runner-up for this one)
    1.Luxembourg-France Gall-Poupee de cire,poupee de son (Great winner!)

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