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I know that the Jury and Televote are often slightly different, but I noticed this in the UK voting in 2014:


If you look at Poland.. they got 12 points according to the televote of the UK, however a combined jury vote of 25th place (last).. meaning they got NO points whatsoever from us. I think this is totally wrong and the jury needs to be either removed or at least reform it to be 75% Televote, 25% Jury so that we have more influence over who we give points to. What do you guys think?
If you look at the amount of Polish people in the UK and the amount of votes for Poland from the UK in ESC then you will see that its not necessarily votes for the song.

Same as the Irish votes will consist of a LOT for Lithuania etc..

The juries are not there to ruin ESC, it is there to counter neighbour voting / diaspora voting / political voting etc..

It does not always work but for the majority it does

50/50 is the only way