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Thread: IRELAND 2016 - Nicky Byrne - Sunlight

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    IRELAND 2016 - Nicky Byrne - Sunlight

  2. Ninja
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    Re: IRELAND 2016 - Nicky Byrne - Sunlight

    5 points for another harmless and radio-friendly pop song.
    I was shocked at how weak his voice has become, though... and I got completely mad at him ranting about Europe being "unfair" and "political".. what did you expect?!
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    Re: IRELAND 2016 - Nicky Byrne - Sunlight

    Now letīs start with my personal view of the 2016 ESC entries!! The first country is .

    As I already mentioned in the forum Ireland isnīt a country I really like at the contest. After their "golden age" in the 90s their results deteriorated significantly and after two non-qualifications in a row the responsible channel RTE decided to have an internal selection in which they picked a pretty familiar face named Nicky Byrne, spokesperson for Ireland in the years before and a former member of the boygroup Westlife.

    When I heard of this decision I wasnīt that excited to be honest. If I remember correctly Westlife were never really successful in , and their only (cover)song to reach the top 10 was "Uptown Girl" in 2001, and since Iīve never been a huge fans of boybands in general I didnīt expect to like his song. And the big surprise: I didnīt like it!!

    His song "Sunlight" was a pretty simple pop song which could also have been played in the late 90s or the early 2000s, it was pretty old fashioned and would have been a better fit as a theme song for these cheesy teenager series on Nickelodeon. When it comes to the lyrics it was basically a collection of the most banal calendar claims and sadly featured one of the worst rhymes in the chorus (together-forever), something that should be forbidden in my opinion!! The melody was also pretty flat and uninteresting, but what was even worse was Nickys veeery thin voice, which was very tiring to listen to. No wonder why he was only allowed to sing in the background while being a member of Westlife!!

    The performance in the semi was a huge car crash in my opinion, at least musically. His voice sounded pretty badly, he couldnīt hit the notes and for some reason he sang through his nose for most of the perfomance, at least for my impression. Otherwise these three minutes were very boring and uneventful to me, and I wasnīt surprised that he failed to qualify.

    All in all this was another wasted year for , it was just average to bad on every level, and the fact that he complained afterwards that he did so badly was just ridiculous. A "big name" isnīt enough to win this contest, you also need some musical substance which was absolutely not the case in 2016. In the end I gave this entry , I could listen to it without muting it and there were a few worse songs that year, but thatīs it.

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