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Thread: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2016 - Deen, Dalal Midhat-Talačić, Ana Rucner & Jala - Ljubav je

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    Exclamation BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2016 - Deen, Dalal Midhat-Talačić, Ana Rucner & Jala - Ljubav je

    Deen, Dalal, Ana & Jala - Ljubav je

    Dalal is a Bosnian singer. She is a member of the Bosnian R&B duo Erato.

    Deen is a Bosnian singer. He represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with the song "In the Disco", placing ninth. In 1998, Deen received an offer to perform for an opera choir. His vocal abilities had been noticed by the National Theater of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he accepted the role of the lead singer for the opera choir during the production of Carmina Burana. Backović recorded the duet "Poljubi me" (Kiss Me) with the popular Croatian singer Vlatka Pokos.

    Ana Rucner is a Croatian cellist. She is married to Croatian singer Vlado Kalember and has one child with him.

    Jala is a Bosnian rapper. He is the co-author of the 2016 Bosnian Eurovision entry "Ljubav je".

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    Re: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2016 - Deen, Dalal Midhat-Talačić, Ana Rucner & Jala - Ljubav je

    Today is monday: the perfect time to review this year's Bosnian entry

    Deen, Dalal Midhat-Talačić, Ana Rucner & Jala - Ljubav je
    Status: ok but quite disappoiting

    Song: Bosnia & Herzegovina is for me the only Balkan country that never played when sending Eurovision entries. I started watching the contest in 2009 and I have to say that they deserved every qualification in my opinion: especially "Bistra Voda", "Love In Rewind and "Korake Ti Znam" - that I listen to quite regularly - are just amazing to me. To sum up my thoughts, Bosnians are consistent and present quality songs with often original arrangements, besides, they aren't afraid of showcasing their culture and language, so kudos to them, that's what Eurovision should be about. However, their Eurovision history led to a two-edged situation where my expectations towards them got higher and higher, which means that the day they would send an ok entry (which would objectively be considered good), I would be disappointed, and unfortunately that is what happened this year. First, when the four artists were announced, I instantly had Armenia 2015 vibes: I mean broadcasters shouldn't gather people who don't have a lot in common or way too different artistic universes because, in Eurovision, the likelihood that the final product ends up being a total mess is rather high. With a cellist, a rapper and two singers (one of which wasn't really known for vocals), I wondered how everything could be put together in a smooth way. Well... "Ljubav Je" was born. It's a love song that - first of all - is in their mother tongue, so thank you guys for not giving in to the English temptation, that was very refreshing and appreciated in an edition where 99% of the songs were in English or contained some lines in English. As for the musical aspect though, I've been quite disappointed because the song doesn't seem to "stand on its own" unlike most Bosnian efforts, if that makes sense. It starts with (traditional?) percussions and a cello solo, which sounds very Balkan, authentic and beautiful; it is kind of the melodic hook of the song. Then Deen and Dala begin to sing one after the other before "meeting" during the chorus with clear drums, electric guitars and strings. Putting the cello solo again afterwards was a clever thing, that was a smooth transition, making the end of the chorus sound less abrupt and "empty". After the second verse, they included a controversial twist: Jala I admit that given the absence of transition, that rapping part sounds quite incongruous, especially since Jala's rap is quite agressive there, while the rest of the song is rather soulful, melodic and slow. At first listen, I thought that part was ruining the whole thing, but it grew on me, and now I believe it gives strength to the song at that point, still they could have worked on it to make it sound less out of place. It was a last-minute addition, and sadly it sounds so. Overall, the song is rather nice, there is nothing that touches me deeply in it, but that's decent. I guess I'm not impressed because Bosnia sent better ballads of that kind in a not-so-distant past, and "Ljubav Je" isn't anything we haven't heard before. I wish the overall arrangements were more refined, it sounded a little bit like a demo to me. So: did all those elements work together? I'd say yes, quite well, surprisingly. Nonetheless, considering Bosnian standards since 2009, this is by far their weakest effort imo.

    Voice: Everyone performed well. Dalal's voice is so great and fitted the song so well, I wish she was the only vocalist tbh. Deen did his best, he doesn't have a bad voice but I felt like he oversang his parts, too much drama in gestures, too many vibes for a melody that should have been interpreted in a simpler way (like Dalal basically), vocally he isn't quite at the same level as Dalal imo. Jalal killed his part though, good job!

    Staging: Staging was probably a big WTH for people who didn't know what they were trying to say. I myself didn't get it the first time and thought all the elements they had on stage were just gimmicks, I had to watch interviews to finally understand that it was about refugees' situation in Europe, which Bosnia is quite sensible to as it is a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country. Ana and the backing vocalists were wearing survival blankets while Deen and Dalal were separated by a barbed wire fence. To be honest, I think the fence was sufficient, the blankets were kinda distracting and might have made people think this was another Eurovision clothing eccentricity. The backdrops were very simple, almost too discreet: they first displayed white-ish/grey-ish triangular shapes, then moving white lines and grids (during the chorus) which turned orange towards the end... I don't think it enhanced the song, it looked cold and quite uninspiring tbh. Work on lights was also not that fancy. As for the clothes, they looked mismatched: Deen wore a long coat, close-fitting trousers and boots, all in black, which was rather nice; Jalal was also dressed in black with a long coat and sunglasses; Ana wore a sexy shiny golden one-piece suit with fancy see-through sleeves and what seemed to be chiseled tights (she had the best outfit by far imo); the only tasteless outfit came from Dala imo, her red/burgundy dress with golden adornments would have been way better without the gauze and that fitted part around her knees... I mean I don't have anything against women with curves, but some dresses just do not suit their body shapes, it was the same with Moran Mazor in 2013: why was it so fitted around her knees?

    Outcome: Well, like Greece, Bosnia failed to qualify for the first time ever, however televoters wanted them through. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sad about their failure (even though I quite enjoy the song now) because if one of their efforts had to fail, it had to be this one imo. It was a decent effort, still it wasn't as good as their quality songs sent in the past. I don't know if Bosnia should try harder in that direction or simply experiment and re-invent themselves, only time will tell. "Ljubav Je" is 21st (out of 42) in my personal ranking, it grew on me quite a lot but it won't pass the threshold of my faves. Bosnia, it was nice to see you back after three years out, I'm aware that your broadcaster's current situation doesn't look good at all and I doubt we'll see you next year, but I hope you'll be able to sort things up. To me, you've been a major contributor to Eurovision lately and I'd be delighted to see you get back on track


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    Re: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2016 - Deen, Dalal Midhat-Talačić, Ana Rucner & Jala - Ljubav je

    2 points: 1 point for it being ethno-influenced and 1 point for the rapper's beard.

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