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Thread: The Best and the worst in the last ESC shows

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    The Best and the worst in the last ESC shows

    Hi there,

    I thought about something, and this something is : What did i like the most in the last shows. So, not talking about songs or even the host country (or maybe ?). But more about the show itself. I'm goin' to talk about the years after 2000.

    1. So i liked in 2003 the scoreboard moving, i don't understand why they didn't do that before, since "computer" stuff is used. Big improvement. In the same idea, the 1-7 points given is better. At the beginning it's exciting to see all the points but after 10 countries i'm done, i don't care anymore except the 12 and the ebu understand it.

    2. The design. First great idea is the "main logo" that we used to see everyday since more than 10y now, i think that's a great idea. Graphic designer are free to invent a new visual approach each time and i liked Germany 2011 and Denmark 2014 the most, the diamonds-like stuff wasn't a good idea on the paper but it comes out soooo well. Talking about the scoreboards, they improve a lot in it : we can see the spokesperson clearly and the scoreboard too (remember before 2005? what crappy scoreboards we had). So in the last years (after Russia i would say) the design has improved a lot, the show is no longer kitschy.

    3. The postcards, it does have a link with the design but i had to make a specific sentence for it : I loved Russia's Postcards, Sweden's and of course, Denmark's ones i think they are the best ever. I think they understood that it's a big part of the show too, we were almost more excited to discover the postcards than the songs.

    3. Since 2013 in Sweden, the fact we can see all the contestants at the beginning (and it was bigger in 2014), we should keep this idea each year as a new "tradition".

    4. The green room IN the main area, no more "green room" but a "green place" haha

    5. Overall, i thought that 2014 was one of the best years : amazing show imo, voting held by two great animators + good design, no more boring show in between (we had this little video about the ESC museum, it was so funny). They saw in the ESC a BIG entertainment show (yes, it's what it is) but last countries rests on the songs/voting like it's enough to the show to be entertaining and imo it's not. I could say that the show itself steal the spotlights.

    Some advices (things i don't really like but with a comment to make it better) :

    - Hosts that are fully bilingual, even in French (and i can say that for the spokesperson) at least with a good pronunciation.
    - less stressed hosts, looking back at some years it's a disaster and again, 2013 and 2014 had good hosts
    - bring back Lynda Woodruff each year
    - more REAL fun, i mean, real jokes who's making us laugh to death. it means not this polished humor but this cutting humor we saw last year with ESC museum or Lynda Woodruff
    - Last winner should be the first to sing
    - (Joke part) I want all the countries to split : MORE COUNTRIES, MORE FUN. Belgium is Wallonie and Vlanderen, UK + Scotland, etc… (joke part end)

    i could list a lot of stuff i didn't like in the contest but those are things who were changed, edited, erased in the past few years and IMO the 2014 was veeeeery close to what i'm expecting for the ESC.

    So, i want to know your pov guys! what did you like/hate the most these past years and what are your arguments to make it better ?

    ps : hope someone didn't make a thread like this before, i searched but i'm good at "don't you see this big red point in the middle ?" so, sorry if i didn't find it.
    Stan LOONA.

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    Re: The Best and the worst in the last ESC shows

    I liked back in 2004 when Semifinal was introduced.
    I liked in 2008 when the countries were splited in 2 Semifinals.
    I liked in 2009 when juries came back.
    I liked in 2010 when juries came back in Semifinals also.
    I liked in 2013 when ranking was introduced.
    I liked the stage in 2014.
    I hated the stage in 2010.
    I liked the idea of Australia competing as guest.
    Maybe more guest countries could join in the near future.
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