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Thread: Workouts!

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    Re: Workouts!

    Great idea for a thread!

    Been working out for many years but only consistently throughout the last 1,5 years. I work out 5-6 days a week and at the moment I'm doing a 2-split workout which, as the name suggests, splits the body into two. Fx if I train chest, triceps, and shoulder one day, I'll do legs, back, and biceps the next. Abs-training is done every day.

    My 2-split workout, with excercises, looks as follows:

    day 1 (chest, triceps, shoulders) 3-4 sets
    Incline dumbbell bench
    Bench press
    Skullcrushers/triceps cable-pushdowns (alternating between these two)
    Dumbbell triceps extensions
    Shoulder-press (alternating between dumbbells and barbell)
    Side laterals
    Front raise dumbbells

    day 2 (legs, back, biceps) 3-4 sets
    Leg-press (on machine)
    Pull-ups/chin-ups (alternating between these two)
    Inverted rows
    Dumbbell curls/cable-curls (again, alternating)
    Concentration curls

    As you can see my legs aren't exactly highest priority...simply because I find leg-training so utterly boring.
    My ab-routine is done at the end of every workout and consists of sit-ups with weight, planche, and another exercise that I dunno the word for. These are done x3.

    It's kind of a cliché in the bodybuilding-world but variation is the key imo. Just because you start out your work-out in a certain way doesn't mean it has to remain completely static. Alternate your type of exercises, not only will they hit your muscles differently, but it'll also keep yourself from becoming bored in the same old routines.
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    Re: Workouts!

    I've just noticed this thread, so here's my random reply:

    Previously a lot of friends were trying to get me to go to a gym with them, etc. but I've always felt too bad, lazy or well ashamed of it, plus anyway, I'm not really a fan of doing anything... (Now, I kind of regret it...) On the other hand, also I'm like really skinny, even though I eat a lots of crap food, and I'm really wondering how come I don't look like Chiara or Bojana Stamenov with all the bad food I've been eating. So about a little more than a week ago, I've been whining to @Lenalite how I hate how my arms are really thin, like even compared to the rest of my body, and have decided now to cut down the bad food and try to force myself to eat more and more of normal food. (Not a whole Milka, and a box of cookies for dinner... I'm still surprised I don't have diabetes.) Since then I feel really grossed out by even the thought of a lot of candy and stuff like that, so I guess that's something. (To be honest, eating healthy food in the same amount of calories or higher, that I used to intake with candy is a workout on it's own...)

    Anyway, I've never done anything for any muscles and stuff ever but abs, and that kind of only because I needed to fix my grades at PE and I've considered sit ups easy, so that's how I kept fixing my PE grade, and gymnastics (at which I kinda sucked at times because of my fear of heights...) //oh well, and I take a walk every day for like an hour or more but eh that's probably worthless for anything.

    So recently, I've started following some YouTube videos by KymNonStop (she took part in The Amazing Race, the only reason I was subscribed to her in the first place), only because she had a video called workouts for half-lazy people, and her videos/workouts aren't that hard or complicated to follow, like all those other YouTubers with some totally extreme stuff lol. Since then I bother doing some arms, legs, abs related stuff, but I still don't consider it barely enough...

    Anyway, if someone has got any suggestions for some good YouTubers with kind of normal routines (normal as in obviously not too hard lol) I'd consider it very nice if they shared.

    I guess there's half of the year left, I could make it a plan to look at least somewhat decent until New Year lol...
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    Re: Workouts!

    YASSSSSSSSS lazy bed workout parties FTW
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    Re: Workouts!

    Totally getting my summer body back
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    Completely reborn.

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