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Thread: TOP3 songs of your country

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    Re: TOP3 songs of your country

    2008 - Vânia Fernandes - Senhora do Mar
    1991 - Dulce Pontes - Lusitana Paixăo
    2017 - Salvador Sobral - Amar pelos Dois

    Vânia is my Queen! Her song was simply brilliant, exactly the type of music I like: ethinc, dramatic with power vocals.
    Dulce is one of my favorite singers. And I have a memory of this song since I was a kid. I think my mom sang this to me when I was little... I was 2 years old when she sang this in Rome...
    Slavador is Salvador! Pure talent, emotion and Luisa making a masterpiece for him
    "May the best day of your past be the worst days of your future"

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    Re: TOP3 songs of your country

    United Kingdom

    There are so many so I've done three from before I watched (1957-2002) and three from since I've been watching (2003-2017).

    The Old...
    1. 1997 (Winner) Katrina & the Waves "Love Shine a Light"
    2. 1996 (8th) Gina G "Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit"
    3. 1971 (4th) Clodagh Rodgers "Jack in the Box"

    ... and the New
    1. 2009 (5th) Jade Ewen "It's My Time"
    2. 2016 (24th) Joe & Jake "You're Not Alone"
    3. 2013 (19th) Bonnie Tyler "Believe in Me"

    Overall, I think there is no doubt that "Love Shine a Light" is the best of British There is something special about that song, it has a great melody and a nice message. It is 21 years old but I think it could go to Eurovision today and still win.

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