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Thread: IRELAND 2015 - Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers

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    IRELAND 2015 - Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers

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    Re: IRELAND 2015 - Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by GRE View Post
    Nikki would have done much better...

    No, she wouldn't

    I was in the Late Late Show audience that night and she blew my ears off in the worst way possible....granted that the sound at ESC is much better, but her ballad was too screechy and not pleasant on the ears.
    I love Nikki and hope she gets to represent us eventually, but with a song that really suits her.

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    Re: IRELAND 2015 - Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers

    Time for me to review the Irish entry this year

    Molly Sterling – Playing With Numbers
    Status: Nice song

    Song: Ireland sent a really nice ballad this year, actually the kind of song that I would certainly hear out of the Eurovision bubble, it's always nice to have songs that aren't made for the contest imo. It's a very low-paced ballad with a piano, some drums, a voice and some backing vocalists during the chorus, I like it, it's really sweet and sounds very Irish to me without being "over-obvious" like last year. The bridge is also very welcome. Actually, I've not much to say about it, it's a nice song to me but it lacks a little something for me to really love it (like Austria). It grew on me already after a few listenings but not enough to be among my favourite entries this year, so I'm still unsure about this one. Nonetheless, kudos to Ireland for sending such a song (that doesn't sound Eurovision-y) because it has definitely some quality to it.

    Voice: I like the voice of the singer, when looking at her, I wouldn't have guessed she would have such a deep voice It has character, which is always pleasing. Her performance was very honest I think, she was a little bit stressed but she conveyed emotions well imo.

    Staging: It was a nice change from last year with this very simple intimate staging with her at the piano and a forest shown on the background screen. As I said for a lot of songs already, the visuals didn't distract people from the song, but it did emphasize the atmosphere set by the song. Good job.

    Outcome: Well, I guess one couldn't perform miracles with such a death slot (thank you ORF by the way), I think it kinda got lost in the lineup after a while and that's a shame because Molly deserved to qualify imo. I watched the Irish national final after her victory and I have to say that Kat Mahon's "Anybody Got A Shoulder", the runner up, would have been an amazing choice for me. Actually, I doubt she would have done better than Molly, but it would have been in my top 10 for sure, this is a very poignant song to me. So this year, Ireland is currently at the gates of my top 15. Better luck next time Ireland, I hope you'll keep on sending "down-to-earth" entries like this one
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    Re: IRELAND 2015 - Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers

    Still not over the fact that this didn't qualify
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  5. Ninja
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    Re: IRELAND 2015 - Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers

    Happy belated birthday Molly!

    Sorry for the 20 days late

    It's nice that we have the same birth month

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