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Thread: GEORGIA 2015 - Nina Sublatti - Warrior

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    GEORGIA 2015 - Nina Sublatti - Warrior

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    Re: GEORGIA 2015 - Nina Sublatti - Warrior

    Quote Originally Posted by Odalis View Post
    Oh i totally agree, they should have gone for butterflies, raindows, Dolly style outfit and Poland's pink piano for this childish cute little song Nina had
    But her look and the song were already enough aggresive,
    they shouldn't overdo in my opinion.

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    Re: GEORGIA 2015 - Nina Sublatti - Warrior

    Time for me to review the Georgian song this year

    Nina Sublatti - Warrior
    Status: good

    Song: I didn't know what to expect about a song called "Warrior" and to be honest, I'm not disappointed. It starts with a strong beat, which leads us to the verse -which is imo the best and catchiest part of the song- the chorus is nice as well, I like how the melody quickly goes from low to high notes. It slightly reminds me of Evanescence, and I like it. On a negative side, I think the "bridge" adds nothing to the song and the last minute is basically the chorus repeated 3 times, I guess some variation would have been welcome. Besides, maybe they wanted to keep it simple, but I feel like it lacks some arrangements overall. I wouldn't say it sounds like a demo, but it needed some kind of build-up at some point. As it is, it's very "beat + voice" and something's missing to make me love it completely. But it remains a good entry and a strong effort from Georgia.

    Voice: To me, most of the appeal comes from Nina's voice. It totally suits the mood of the song, it's strong and fierce as it should be. Her performances were really great, I wouldn't have guessed she was sick the day before the semi tbh.

    Staging: They focused on the background screen which was indeed fantastic with the eyes. On stage, it seemed a little empty, but I guess it was just due to wrong choices of camera angles, they should have opt for more closeups instead of really large angles imo. The smoke was a nice addition to the act but in the final... what happened? One could barely see her during the first minute of the song! Hopefully it cleared afterwards, I sensed some failure somewhere, this wasn't done on purpose.

    Outcome: 11th is a good place, congrats Georgia! With such a draw and a second half filled with ballads, she stood out obviously. To me, it's one of the best Georgian entry ever (with One More Day). In my personal ranking, Georgia is placed between 11th and 15th place, it's a good song, not one of my favourites, but it's deservedly above half of the songs this year. Keep up the good work Georgia!
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    Re: GEORGIA 2015 - Nina Sublatti - Warrior

    The queen of performing through a fog storm due to a smoke machine malfunction. Dissapointed it missed out on top 10 but oh well. My # 4 of the year 2015.

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    Re: GEORGIA 2015 - Nina Sublatti - Warrior

    8 points - my favourite second entry coming from Georgia.

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    Re: GEORGIA 2015 - Nina Sublatti - Warrior

    Guys what if the lyric is "steel stocked in my mind" i.e. "I have a mind full of steel;" it's still weird but makes a little bit of sense.

    Sorry please do carry on with your day.
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