Only the Italians could have been so smug to come up with the idea of forcing each entrant of the 1991 edition to sing a bit of an Italian song in the presentation videos. But after giving it some thought, it actually wouldn't be such a bad idea if applied nowadays. It would be challenging for the performers themselves, and also it would give the audience extra insight into the singer's own vocal capacities in a context exterior to the actual entry. You hear that, EBU big shots? Tell me it wouldn't have been curious to hear the 2012 entrants singing in Azerbaijani...

1- Greece
2- Sweden
3- Ireland
4- Turkey
5- Finland
6- Norway
7- Iceland
8- Israel
9- UK
10- Cyprus
11- Portugal
12- Malta
13- Switzerland
14- France
15- Denmark
16- Italy
17- Belgium
18- Germany
19- Luxembourg
20- Austria
21- Spain
22- Yugoslavia