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Thread: Malmö 1992 - Post your top 23

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    Malmö 1992 - Post your top 23

    Decent ESC edition. Was tough choosing #1 but had the victory gone to any of those in my top 3, I would have been equally pleased since all are strong songs with Eurovision appeal. Except maybe for Greece which was a bit off the usual formulas, though on the other hand and at the same time I think she was the technically and naturally more talented singer to have been on stage that year.

    1- Cyprus
    2- Greece
    3- Iceland
    4- Israel
    5- Ireland
    6- Luxembourg
    7- Belgium
    8- Denmark
    9- Yugoslavia
    10- Portugal
    11- Switzerland
    12- Germany
    13- UK
    14- Malta
    15- Turkey
    16- Sweden
    17- Spain
    18- Norway
    19- Austria
    20- Italy
    21- Finland
    22- Netherlands
    23- France

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    Re: Malmö 1992 - Post your top 23

    I only like Rapsodia and Little Child from that year.

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    Re: Malmö 1992 - Post your top 23

    Oh la la la, Oh la la la, You're my love and my aphrodisiac

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    Re: Malmö 1992 - Post your top 23

    I watched this Eurovision last week. I picked the edition randomly and I so regret 1992 was the result and I had to use 2 hours I will never get back to watch this
    1992 is one of the worst editions ever. Quite good singers, but mediocre songs. Moreover, I strongly disagree with the result. Only two of the real top-10 are in my personal top-10.

    1- Italy (the only worthy winner)
    2- Norway
    3- Switzerland
    4- Luxembourg
    5- Germany
    6- Cyprus
    7- France
    8- Portugal
    9- Finland
    10- Yugoslavia
    11- Netherlands
    12- Ireland
    13- Austria
    14- Malta
    15- Iceland
    16- United Kingdom
    17- Denmark
    18- Greece
    19- Turkey
    20- Spain
    21- Sweden
    22- Belgium
    23- Israel (this came 6th actually.... )
    1- Portugal, 2- France, 3- Israel,4- Bulgaria, 5- Italy

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    Re: Malmö 1992 - Post your top 23

    My top 23 of 1992

    Mary Spiteri - Little Child
    Michael Ball - One Step Out of Time
    Kali - Monté la riviè
    Christer Björkman - I morgon är en annan dag
    Heart 2 Heart - Nei eða já
    Mia Martini - Rapsodia
    Linda Martin - Why Me?
    Humphrey Campbell - Wijs me de weg
    Tony Wegas - Zusammen geh'n
    Dina - Amor d'água fresca
    11 Dafna Dekel - Ze Rak Sport
    12 Kenny Lübcke & Lotte Nilsson - Alt det som ingen ser
    13 Pave Maijanen - Yamma, yamma
    14 Serafín - Todo esto es la música
    15 Cleopatra - Olou tou kosmou i Elpida
    16 Wind - Träume sind für alle da
    17 Marion Welter & Kontinent - Sou fräi
    18 Evridiki - Teriazoume
    19 Extra Nena - Ljubim te pesmama
    20 Aylin Vatankoş - Yaz Bitti
    21 Daisy Auvray - Mister Music Man
    22 Merethe Trøan - Visjoner
    23 Morgane - Nous, on veut des violons

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    Re: Malmö 1992 - Post your top 23

    My review for 1992 - Malmö, Sweden

    This is one of my favourite contests ever. It has everything to be a good contest. Holy shit, the voting was so exciting. I love the 1st and 2nd place almost the same so I was undecided and would have liked it either way. Why me and One step out of time were such different songs so it was hard for me to decide. I'd probably go with Michael because I love Spandau Ballet and his voice sounds just like Tony Headley and it's so much 80s cheese, I love it. I was very okay with Linda winning, though. Michaels second place is more than deserved.

    The hosts are okay and so is the stage: I like that vikings' boat. Nothing too spectacular, but very nice.

    Songs: This is probably one of the years with the best songs ever. I have almost no song I hate or dislike. I can't remember it happening to me a lot before or after that again. I was happy with the voting because most of the top placings were also my favourites. Of course, since there were so many good songs imho, some of them were horribly underrated.That's the way it goes.

    Interval act: This is one of my top 3 interval acts ever. I remember that so well. I love the transformation and the music. Really good dancers.

    Worthy winner? Yes! Though I rooted for Michael, I see why Linda was winning. Stunning voice and dress and ballads were popular in those Eurovision days. She did a great performance and the song was great. Kudos again to Johnny Logan. Linda looks amazing; to me she is one of the most beautiful female contestants to date.

    Most underrated songs: Finland, Germany, Spain

    My top 23 ranking

    1 United Kingdom
    2 Ireland
    3 Malta
    4 Denmark
    5 Greece
    6 Israel
    7 Italy
    8 Cyprus
    9 Germany
    10 Spain
    11 The Netherlands
    12 Finland
    13 France
    14 Luxembourg
    15 Austria
    16 Sweden
    17 Belgium
    18 Turkey
    19 Norway
    20 Yugoslavia
    21 Iceland
    22 Portugal
    23 Switzerland
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