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Thread: Concerts you attended !

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    Re: Who Have You Seen Live?

    Why didn't I see this thread before? Here are my hunting trophies:

    Lara Fabian (2013)
    Natasha St-Pier (2006), Isabelle Boulay (2008), Diana Krall (2007 and twice in 2019), Roch Voisine (2018)
    Adrienne Pauly (2007), Najoua Belyzel (2019)
    Malena Ernman (2012)
    Dido (2019)
    Gwen Stefani (2007), Lady Gaga (2009), Madonna (2015)

    + the Eurovision gig I attended recently.

    When I think I missed the opportunity of attending Kylie Minogue's X2008 Tour concert in Paris in 2008 free of charge... That tour was fire, I wish I had said yes when someone offered me to see her live.

    I already have my ticket to see Lara Fabian again in 2020, and I'll do whatever I can to see Lana Del Rey next year. If Indila finally goes on tour, I'll go as well.

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    Re: Who Have You Seen Live?

    FLOW, Asian Kung Fu Generation
    Britney Spears
    Cícero, Luis Marcelo e Gabriel, Paralamas do sucesso (I slept lmao), Jaloo, Rouge, Anitta, my friends Emischramm and Arquelano
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    Re: Concerts you attended !

    I been really bad with going to concerts, but I'm done playing around and not missing out anymore. Had some bad luck with cancellations in the past lmao (Tinashe, Jhené Aiko, Kehlani .... yes still crying) but here's what I got!!

    Vremya i Steklo
    January 26th 2019 / Mainz, Germany

    Karol G
    July 5th 2019 / Frankfurt, Germany

    September 20th 2019 / Barcelona, Spain

    Three absolute icons of mine Vremya i Steklo was legendary shit and Karol was dope. Lali was a whole other level tho, super special. The energy in the room, those vibes, the show she put on whewww take me back man I don't know when I ever felt so complete. So much love and positive energy. Top 3 moments of my life. She felt that as well, said it was one of her fav shows she ever done. And her waving to me at the end very bless <333

    Next up: FKA twigs on her Magdalene tour
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