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Thread: GERMANY 2014 - Elaiza - Is It Right

  1. Administrator escYOUnited's Avatar
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    GERMANY 2014 - Elaiza - Is It Right

    <font size="5"><span style="font-family: arial black">
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  2. Senior Member
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    Re: GERMANY 2014 - Elaiza - Is It Right

    Ela speaking Polish with the Polish team - has this been posted?

  3. Guru
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    Re: GERMANY 2014 - Elaiza - Is It Right

    I finally have Elaiza's album and I love the songs so much Especially Cinderella, Lemonade, Circle of Life, and Without You

  4. Expert
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    Re: GERMANY 2014 - Elaiza - Is It Right

    They keep playing it in the radio here ever since the final and I still find it mind-boggling. It didn't finish high, in Polish televoting it was 5th, which isn't bad, but also not uberhigh. But gotta admit, after hearing it 1000 times, I really like it and it indeed sounds like a very radio-friendly song. Mellow and catchy at the same time, easy to listen while not being trashy at all. Yeah, I think it might be something just for Polish people's taste :]
    Quote Originally Posted by Renzo
    calypso music sucks

  5. WorldVision Mod
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    Re: GERMANY 2014 - Elaiza - Is It Right

    I got a reply of Madeline Juno on Youtube today, replying about her performance at the NF and why it went wrong:

    I still feel ashamed of how much I sucked in my very own opinion, even though I try not to look back to this whole thing. I'm sorry I didn't make it, I'm still sorry for having let people down but oh well, I guess I'm only a teenage girl still learning day by day, so.. forgive me.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway - Back when the show was on, my band and me had monstrous in-ear issues which we had during our rehearsals as well, but which of course was promised to be fixed by the time we were gonna go on stage live. Of course it wasn't, 'cause how could it have been different..

    Until that day I had never stood on a stage of that size ever before and surely was nervous but still, I'm always trying to give my very best. But just imagine going on stage, not knowing whether your in-ear problems were gonna be gone by now or whether you'll just not hear yourself at all. I couldn't hear myself and tried fixing it myself by turning up the volume of the bodypack hanging off my back but nothing helped. so.. of course I fucked up. Great nervousness and issues that are not supposed to happen always is a bad mixture. But I've learned a lot, I now know what it's like to be put under such great pressure in such an early stage of one's very own development and progress in being an artist.. and maybe one day far away from now I'll do better and conditions won't mean me harm as much as they did back then. 
    Genuinely think Madeline would have done better than what Elaiza did. With the bad audience and terrible format it was a recipe for disaster.
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  6. Wizard
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    Berlin (Germany)

    Re: GERMANY 2014 - Elaiza - Is It Right

    New song from Elaiza's vocalist - not so bad actually!

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