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Thread: FRANCE 2014 - Twin Twin - Moustache

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    FRANCE 2014 - Twin Twin - Moustache


  2. Addict
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    Re: FRANCE 2014 - Twin Twin - Moustache

    My review of Moustache :

    France 3 in 2014 decided to make a national selection in this tv show "Les chansons d'abord" presented by Nathasha St-Pier (who finished 4th in 2001)
    with Joanna lagrave, Destan and Twin Twin and the band who sang moustache won this selection.

    But the bashing continues because they accused the band to copy "Papaoutai" of Stromae a big hit in france at autumn in 2013.

    So, many of eurofans and french people doesn't like this song but the finished last place the very first time ever.

    Considering this result, it's not deserved and a top 20 would be great without the bad running order (14th aka passing after Sweden)

  3. Addict
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    Re: FRANCE 2014 - Twin Twin - Moustache

    Like most other members of the BIG 5, experienced a huge decline when it comes to their results at the contest since the introduction of televoting, but unlike or they didnīt finish last. Well, this series ended in 2014, and I have to say it was really deserved.

    That year, they sent the group Twin Twin with the song "Moustache". The song reminded me a lot of "Papaoutai" by Stromae, but since I didnīt like this song at all I found it difficult to like this song. I really tried my best, but I failed miserably. I started to get on my nerves very quickly and soon these three minutes felt like thirty to me!!

    The live performance was a huge mess to me, it looked really chaotic and uncoordinated and their vocals sounded also quite off to me. The background with all those colourful lights and the moustaches looked really strange as well and let this song completely appear like a joke entry. Well, seemingly Europe didnīt get this joke and the country got its worst result ever. At this point it really looked like gave up and saw the contest as a complete joke which was not worth trying to do well in. Luckily times have changed a bit since France 2 is responsible for the contest.

    Anyway, for me this was really the worst song ever sent to the contest, there was really nothing I liked about it. I gave to this trainwreck, the only reason I didnīt give was that there were still two songs I liked even less, but thatīs another story.

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