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8th April 2013, 20:16
Hi, I'm ESC fan since 2010 and I have a twitter a long time. I want to follow all of you because you're ESC fans like me and I think we should be connected together :P So if you have a twitter and you're esc fan - let's follow each other. mine: @jonaszm

*if similar topic already exsists, please give me a link. I'm new here :)

8th April 2013, 21:05
I'm @sebpablo on Twitter. But I tweet many things, not only ESC, and mostly in Spanish.

BTW you should follow @ESCunited it's our Twitter account :)

8th April 2013, 23:07
I have a Twitter account but I rarely post and I check my Twitter feed maybe once every two weeks or so. I might become more active in the future though. :)


9th April 2013, 09:03
@zeljko_bojovic is my account, follow me! :D

And everyone follow @ESCunited as well! ;)

9th April 2013, 19:19

18th April 2013, 11:44

28th April 2013, 12:35
My website (Unofficial ESC) Twitter account is: @UnofficialESC

My Personal Twitter account is: @MrDarrenFrazer