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30th March 2013, 03:29

In this thread you may post your overall impression of this edition, and you may rank your favourites or unbearables.

This year was a very fond reunion for me. After 2008 I really started to abuse Eurovision and so bought my first compilation. In spite of the fact that I haven't heard these songs for some years now, I clearly remember everyone. And that unquestionably facilitates things, but the downside though is that it makes my opinion biased to prefer what I actually loved back in '08, even though my music taste may have changed since then. For most people that wouldn't be a problem, and it shouldn't for me neither, but I really thought that I could listen to a majority of the passed entries using unbiased ears. xdoh

There are just so many terrific songs in this diverse high-qualitative year. I have more problems than ever to complete a ranking. I want everyone on second place... Hmm. The following candidates are my favourites:

1. ::ba - Elvir "Laka" Lakovic - Pokušaj

This song has the all-time greatest non-native/non-original version. In my opinion the english version is definitely better than the original, which of course also is brilliant. It earns the first place thanks to the simply amazing structure. Such a crazy fairytale, and in so being, impossible to resist. Tons of elements, and a cunning refrain. I'm gonna try to kiss you, PLEASE AH, like you don't know why. PLEASE AH.... 'til death do us apart.

2. ::cz - Tereza Kerndlová - Have Some Fun

This was definitely looked over thanks to the horrible live-vocals. Somehow, the studio version is rather blurred too, but all the poppy elements and the self-explanatory progression makes it both catchy and versatile.

3. ::es - Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila El Chiki-Chiki

Everyone's guilty pleasure. Both slow and brisk, and obviously in a very original fashion. The enumeration is such a wonderful token for madness. I just say: Quatro - El Robocop. Addictive, indeed.

4. ::gr - Kalomoira - Secret Combination

Probably my favourite rattlesnake entry of all time. And as we know, ESC wont have the spirit without them. This is quite repetitive, which in some strange way makes it the most solemn randy beat in ESC-history.

5. ::am - Sirusho Harutyunyan - Qélé Qélé

Extremely shake-friendly. Just a very strong entry and the best Armenian entry. To date.

6. ::bg - Deep Zone & Balthazar - DJ, Take Me Away

Still works fine on me. The instrumental part between 1:58-2:12 is truly addictive. Maybe a little electric, or just slow, for mass-appeal, but I think it's carefully tailored.

7. ::fr - Sébastien Tellier - Divine

Silky and gently puffing. One more time.

8. ::ru - Dima Bilan - Believe

Not a bad winner! His voice isn't too charming though. And the best part was the presence of Evgeni Plushenko.

9. ::pl - Isis Gee - For Life

Correct me if I'm wrong, but she didn't nail it live? It's a beautiful piece though.

10. ::no - Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold On Be Strong

Another classy entry. Maybe a little conventional, but definitely OK.

11. ::tr - Deli - Mor Ve Ötesi

Really like this one too. Exciting refrain. Emotions in motion.

And the nonsense:

43. ::ie - Kitty B feat. Dustin the Turkey - Irelande Douze Pointe - Idiotic!
42. ::uk - Andy Abraham - Even If - Empty!
41. ::ee - Kreisiraadio - Leto Svet - Classically awful.
40. ::ge - Diana Ghurtskaia - Peace Will Come - Classically boring.
39. ::cy - Edokia Kadi - Femme Fatale - Ungainly.
38. ::fi - Teräsbetoni - Missä Miehet Ratsastaa - Shame on you, Finland. Another inferior hard rock entry in the wake of Lordi. You can't impress by the same recipe twice. Punishment necessary!

How come I still haven't mentioned ::ua ("Shady Lady") or ::me ("Zauvijek Volim Te"). Great entries too! Probably the best beer in the wo... I mean, doubtless the best edition overall since the new millennium began!

Go Go Go!

30th March 2013, 03:35
The vocals really did ruin the ::cz entry, which could even have qualified if it wasnt for that.
I'll do a top ten soon, but overall, it was a great year, and it was because of how I liked this contest so much that I became a true fan :D

30th March 2013, 03:35
I'm glad to see u liked Bulgaria... I thought i was one of the few who liked it.

Overall a deserving winner and a solid top-10.

Kalomoira is an awful singer but she knows how to work the stage, that's the reason she placed so high (+ a catchy tune!)

1st April 2013, 20:16
For me there were only two outstanding songs: ::rs and ::no I enjoyed ::is and ::al too.
::ru wasn't a bad winner at all, I just wished they had won back in 2003!

1st April 2013, 21:54
Greece was the real winner for me. It would've been Armenia if Sirusho had had a better live performance.

And of course, Portugal was just exquisite. Serbia too (even better than "Molitva" for me).

San Marino and Switzerland were robbed in the semis.

Russia was not a bad winner, but Ukrainian song was soooo cheap.

1st April 2013, 22:26
I had forgotten about ::pt !!! Very very beautiful xheart

3rd April 2013, 01:39

I was always wondering, wtf is this guy saying to start his posts? And now I notice you're just saying hello in the host countries' languages. Silly me :lol:

3rd April 2013, 03:52

I was always wondering, wtf is this guy saying to start his posts? And now I notice you're just saying hello in the host countries' languages. Silly me :lol:

Hahaha! Puzzle solved... xhii

1st May 2013, 02:09
I completely forgot to mention ::il Such a magnificent song and definitely one of my favourite Israeli entries together with Shiri's.
And I have a guilty plesure now: ::bg xwhistle

1st May 2013, 09:21
Agree with Paradise, Greece was the real winner that year. "Secret Combination" always gets people dancing, even those who don't follow Eurovision or don't care. It's one of the Contest's catchiest tune ever.

21st June 2013, 12:58
Favourites In Running Order

Semi 1

::md I think I might be one of the only people who still likes this, although the vocals weren't great I enjoyed the Jazz sounds

::sm Back in 2008 I did not really like this as I thought it was boring but now I have grown to enjoy it. Horribly underrated!!

::be Vocals let it down but it was a fun tune.

::sl Again the vocals let her down should have qualified over some of the horrible things that did

::ad Andorra is one country that was always underrated. Casanova was their best entry and I loved the costume!

::nl Hind sang perfectly and has an amazing performance!! 13th place was undeserved! Should have been much higher!!

Semi 2

::cz The only good Czech song, again vocals ruined their chances

::bg Again another country that is again horribly underrated!!

::mt Morena was criminally underrated! Vocals were great and whole performance deserved much more than 14th place

::cy Again another country that is again horribly underrated!! Perfect vocals

::mk Their final spot taken away by the juries and they deserved to be there!


::ro A great song with great vocals and I preferred the Semi dress to the final dress

::de Although the horrible vocals dampened the performance I really like the song

::am Qele Qele started my 3 year love affair with Armenian entries!!

::hr The difference of Romanca made this Croatian entry become one of my favourites

::pl Isis Gee gave a great performance her song deserved way more than 14 points

::is This Eurodance number was one of Iceland's best entries

::pt Portugal is possibly the most underrated country in the contest! Senhora Do Mar should have been in the top 10

::lv The gimmick of the Pirates made this very memorable and I have always loved it

::se Charlotte Perrelli came back and bombed out with the voters as the performance probably scared people but I love this song and Charlotte Perrelli

::ge With the exception of 2012 Georgia has always sent stellar songs!

::ua Shady Lady is my 3rd favourite Ukrainian song. Ani Lorak was amazing in Belgrade!

::no My all time favourite Norwegian entry! This should have won and probably started my love for the Scandinavian entries

14th February 2014, 10:19

And I hate our entry...really awful