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29th March 2013, 03:34
So, in which moment of your life (how many years ago, in which year ?), do you started to doing this great activity ?
Me in 2011 ;) (I know, very late :D)

29th March 2013, 03:36
I think I watch it since I was born, I have really old memories of watching the contest with my family when I was 5 or 6 :D

29th March 2013, 04:22
I was watching ESC since i was a child, i have lots of beautiful memories. But as an ESC fanatic, it was back in 2001, the year that put Greece in the Eurovision map...

29th March 2013, 04:29
As a fanatic, it started in 2008, with our lovely Vânia Fernandes :D

29th March 2013, 04:39
As a fanatic, it started in 2008, with our lovely Vânia Fernandes :D

Yes, Portugal 2008 was exceptional! A true diamond!

29th March 2013, 04:42
Yes, Portugal 2008 was exceptional! A true diamond!

Indeed! It really was what made me become a true ESC fan :D

29th March 2013, 04:45
My fist ESC that I followed live on TV was probably 1997, when I was still just a little kid. My first Melodifestivalen was probably a year or two prior.

However, I've since listened to ALL ESC entries since 1956- ;)

... and of course like most people I knew about the big classics even from a quite early age ;)

29th March 2013, 04:46
2003, but I started to watch it full on as a fan in 2004 and the same year Albania debuted. :D

29th March 2013, 04:59
2003, but I started to watch it full on as a fan in 2004

Same here

29th March 2013, 04:59
My first contest was 07 (aged 9), been a fan ever since aha :mrgreen:

29th March 2013, 05:10
My first Contest was the one in Athens back in 2006, I remember my parents being shocked about Lordis victory :D
My first Contest as a real Fan was the wonderfull ESC in Helsinki 2007 ! Great memories!

29th March 2013, 09:15

29th March 2013, 09:22
I think 1996 was my first, but the first one I fully remember was 1997. Watching Katrina And The Waves win live was still the greatest moment I've ever seen at ESC.

29th March 2013, 12:28
I started watching it in the early 2000's but became a fan from 2005 on.

29th March 2013, 12:48
One or two years before first Romanian participation, but I am a big fan from 1994 when was first apparence of Romania. I never lost another year from then. :)

i anixi
29th March 2013, 13:50
My earlier memory is from 1991 and that's the year my first eurovision tears date from, when Sweden won instead of my favourite Greece -hence my nickname.

Then I watched it until 1995 when I lost interest somehow, (not because of 1995's winner surely) and only watched again in 2003. Loved it, watched again 2004, didn't like it, missed 2005 and been hooked ever since 2006 after Lordi.

2008 was an important landmark, as it was the first and only time I loved my country's song. Also, it was the year I discovered the whole madness was on the internet. Brand new world xcrazy

29th March 2013, 16:52
My first contest was back in 2004, when Ruslana won. As a fan first in 2009, don't know why it took so long :)

29th March 2013, 17:12
My first ESC was the one in 2006. I really liked Germany´s entry "No No Never" and so decided to watch the contest.
Until 2009 I only watched the final and didn´t pay much attention to the songs before the contest, but since 2010 I also watch the Semis and national selections of other countries and listen to the songs before the contest.

29th March 2013, 18:22
My first contest was 2003(i was 6) but i started to watch it as a fan at 2007.

29th March 2013, 20:19
My first ESC was in 2001, but I'm watching it on regular base since 2006

29th March 2013, 20:25
Well, let's see... SanRemo 2011, Raphael Gualazzi won. I didn't know anything about Eurovision. After a couple of weeks later I saw an advertising on the internet page about Raphael Gualazzi and Eurovision. Then I decided to watch Eurovision song contest. I watched semi finals and final but it was surely boring for me. I only liked Hungary and Italy for the first time. So I voted for Kati. After our taking 2nd place and Kati's awful result, I decided not to watch this show anymore but next year Nina Zilli made me think about it again. 2012 was pretty much better a year after 2011's awful year. So just like that I became a fan of Eurovision. :)

29th March 2013, 20:57
I started to watch it "seriously" in 2006. But I started to watch the semi finals in 2009... when we had the channel that broadcast the semis where I live ! :lol: But I discovered there were semi-finals in 2008... :? :lol: In fact, each year, the commentators explain that Switzerland and Belgium haven't been selected for the final, but they don't explain how ! :D Oh just in 2006, we wondered where was the Coco Dance of Séverine Ferrer who was highly popular... as laughed at a lot in France ! xrofl3

29th March 2013, 21:23
First time I remember watching is 2003 but I do remember the 1998 stage. As a fan 2009.

29th March 2013, 21:46
2009 was when I started watching it/became a fan.

29th March 2013, 21:54
I started watching in 2010 and became quite addicted to it pretty much instantly.

29th March 2013, 21:56
Since 1998

29th March 2013, 22:31
2009 was when I started watching it/became a fan.

Same story.

I started having interest just before the 2009 contest started, and been a fan ever since.

29th March 2013, 22:46
Since 2004.

29th March 2013, 23:17
The first time that I watched the Eurovision song contest was back in 2002. I was zapping the TV channels and incidentally I got ET1 and I watched the contest! It was just the time that Cyprus was ready to perform, they were first in the running order. Since then, I watch the contest every year.

30th March 2013, 01:05
Pretty much as most Turks, I started watching in 2004 and I know all the songs before the contest since 2009.

30th March 2013, 11:56
The first time I watched it was 2001, but I am watching it actively since 2004 when we returned to the contest :D

30th March 2013, 14:04
The first time I watched it was 2001, but I am watching it actively since 2004 when we returned to the contest :D


30th March 2013, 19:57
-I was born in 1995
-I remember watching EMA for the first time in 2002
-In 2005 I decided to watch the next eurovision because I really liked the last two winning songs ("My number one" and "Wild dances") and some of the past slovene entries (2001,2002 and 2005)
-In 2006 I became a fan,maybe because my favorite song won!
-In 2008 I listened to the songs before the actual contest for the first time
-In 2009 and 2010 I've watched some national finals
-Since 2011 I'm paying attention to ALL national finals
-By now,I know all the songs from 1990 to 2013
-In the future I'll know all the songs form 1956 to 201? 8-)

30th March 2013, 20:43
2000, but also watched parts of 1998.

30th March 2013, 20:49
Watching it regulary since 2005 ( still have that one recorded ). :lol:

30th March 2013, 22:45

Serbia and all the ex-Yugoslav countries participated as Yugoslavia until 1993 and then when all these countries were separated, we had songs from Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, F.Y.R. of Macedonia and Slovenia. Serbia/Montenegro debuted in 2004.

2nd April 2013, 05:16
Though I first heard about the contest in 2008. I wanted to watch it then, but I was a month late. Haha.

2nd April 2013, 21:20
I started watching it regulary since 2004 :)

3rd April 2013, 01:31
My first Eurovision was in 1998, when Dana won :D

5th April 2013, 22:35
My first was in 2005 - i remembered "Touch my fire", but missed 2006 and 2007. But then in 2008 i was sitting and hearing Shady Lady and Hero. Then i've been a fan since!

6th April 2013, 02:18
My first eurovision :1977

6th April 2013, 23:09
My first eurovision :1977

:o How old are you?

6th April 2013, 23:22
:o How old are you?

He's not like Peloponisos!!! :mrgreen:

7th April 2013, 00:20
:o How old are you?

41 years old, born in 1971, 6 years old in 1977, my first Eurovision:-)

Why are you so:o ?

7th April 2013, 00:22
41 years old, born in 1971, 6 years old in 1977, my first Eurovision:-)

Why are you so:o ?
Maybe cause most forumers are kinda young. But it nice to have some older members who have been following ESC for many years...

7th April 2013, 00:22
He's not like Peloponisos!!! :mrgreen:

No, I'm not :D

7th April 2013, 00:27

You are just 41 yo, pretty young!

7th April 2013, 00:30

You are just 41 yo, pretty young!


7th April 2013, 11:23
It's very cool, to have experienced person on deck, hehe ;)

8th April 2013, 20:23
My first show would have been 1974 (brought my first Long Play (LP) record i 1975: ABBA Greatest Hits) but Denmark didn't participate until 1978 so at my first watching of the Eurovision was when the winner song was A-Ba-Ni-Bi A-Ba-Ni-Be
with Alfa Beta

11th April 2013, 11:50
My first Eurovision was in 2005 when I was only 9 years old. :lol: Kinda weird, but I remember I even recorded some of it. :lol: Mostly because I was crazy for geography, i was crazy for all the flags and stuff, music was just a background thing then. :lol:

11th April 2013, 12:04
Been watching Eurovision since the mid -90s, but with little interest, only in the Maltese entry. The first one I watched properly was in 2001, and in 2002 was the first time I listened to an entry prior to the contest (other than ours). In 2004 I started following selections.

The end.

28th April 2013, 18:51
The first time I watched it was in 2005 and it was by accident (I was zapping because the other tv channels were not airing anything worth watching in that night :lol:). I was 13 and the first performance I watched was "Love me Tonight" by Angelica Agurbash. However, I only became a fan the next year. In 2006 I already knew the songs and had my favourites before the contest. In 2008 I started following other national finals online.

30th April 2013, 14:27
I started watching Eurovision only in 2009.

1st May 2013, 01:20
I started watching clips on YouTube in 2009, that summer I got a DVD copy of the 1987 contest. My first full contest was last year, watching on live stream

6th May 2013, 11:42
Interesting topic, so let's see...hmmmmm

- I remember watching Eurovision for the first time in 1997 with my parents because Alla Pugacheva was in and they couldn't miss it.
- It's funny, but the next Eurovision i watched was 2011.
- However, i've always followed russian participants and the winners googling them few days after the contest just to see who won and what place Russia took.
- I remember back in 2008 on May 25 i finished working around 6-7 AM and was surfing through the news before going to bed and saw Dima won the contest for Russia, i got so excited and decided to go to a park and roller skate for an hour, so i will never forget the day i broke my arm :lol:

- I skipped few years and in 2011 i was browsing some forum looking for interesting threads to read, i read everything that was interesting and saw "Discuss Eurovision", clicked on it, started to read and then realized that some posts intrigue me, like "Slovakia (for instance) was disgusting, what a noise!" and i thought that i just had to check it and see what was so disgusting about it :D So i was reading it and browsing YouTube at the same time to see what people were talking about and judge for myself. Somehow i got so into it that i thought why not checking what's in store for this year's competition, i downloaded all the entries 2011 and thanks to Bulgaria's "Na Inat", Serbia's "Caroban" and few other songs i became a fan and in 2012 i followed all the national finals right from the start. Since then i watched all the contests from 1974 and downloaded all the songs i liked, it's so much fun and the best thing is that for non-fans it's only a matter of one night, but for a true fan it's a pleasure that starts with the first national final in December and ends with...it never actually ends :lol:

6th May 2013, 12:03
Since 1981 where I got mys first Eurovision cassette.

8th May 2013, 01:31
Well my earliest Eurovision memory is the German entry in 1999, and I remember Estonia winning in 2001, and my friends were talking about Ireland beating Estonia in a football match and I was there No, Estonia beat Ireland, they won! We won't be in it next year!. But I have a video tape at home of the 2002 contest I made, however I remember definitely taping the 2003 contest and looking for the 2003 CD on a ferry the next day so I would say 2003 was my first serious contest. I remember my dad telling me that Greece was the favourite to win that year so I rang the voting number for the Greek entry (it was written in the newspaper) in the middle of the afternoon so maybe that was why we had to use the jury that year! (Propbably not but sure anyway)

16th May 2013, 09:14
I started watching in 1998 when Dana International won. I voted for Israel that year and was glad when it won. I thought Malta was going to win when it came down to the final votes and was on the edge of my seat.

I have watched a few contests in between 1998 and 2005 and then started watching it properly taking more notice of who's who and became a proper fan in 2006 and have watched it every year since then.

16th May 2013, 14:56
Mostly because I was crazy for geography, i was crazy for all the flags and stuff, music was just a background thing then. :lol:

We might be brothers :D

That's how I get interested on ESC as well.

18th May 2013, 20:01
That's a longer story, it wasn't like I watched once and got completly hooked on it.

- My first rather blurr memory of Eurovision is of course 1994 when we debuted and got second place thanks to fantastic back then, Edyta. I was nearly 7 yo :mrgreen:

- First contest I watched was 1997, still have big number of very much loved and faved songs from that year xheart especially Poland, Turkey, UK, Italy and Portugal

- After next year Dana Int. win until 2003 and Sertab I didn't see ESC properly (whole contest). Since then I was casual viewer watching only finals (except 2007 I didn't watch, don't remember reason).

Since 2010 I got much more engaged and watched followed some preselections, watched with semis and even voted (haha)
It's been always somewhere in my life, with now more recently being aware viewer and fan :)

18th May 2013, 21:00
I started watching in 2004.

My family had watched ESC before that, but I had no interest in it. Then, the Swedish preview show came on, and I was in the room when Ruslana started singing. I was hooked ever since, and if I wasn't for Ruslana alone, then Neiokőső blew me away. It's still the second best ESC entry ever. I was 8 back then, and had never been awake so late in the night. :mrgreen:

19th May 2013, 02:50
I really started to watch it in 2009.

As a european, I've always heard of the contest in my life, but we were not watching it regularly in my family.

19th May 2013, 02:54
As a european, I've always heard of the contest in my life, but we were not watching it regularly in my family.
The same with me.

19th May 2013, 12:11
My parents been watching for decades since SBS began broadcasting it. Earliest I remember was 2003. My all time favourite entrant was Switzerland 2005.

19th May 2013, 17:24
i remember the 1999 contest, but i started watching has an hardcore fan since 2003!

25th May 2013, 17:14
I first started watching it in 1988 (or at least that's the first one I still remember) when I was 4 years old. I've watched it every year since then. :D

The first year I really became an obsessed fan of ESC was in 1991, when I watched the preview videos beforehand and already had all my favorites picked out before the show. I first heard some of the old 1950s-1970s classics in 1995 and it was love at first sight. :D Thanks to The Big Tournament, I've now heard every single ESC song. xcheer

25th May 2013, 18:01
As an Australian Eurovision was unknown to me but one day a 13 year old was switching channels on the TV when he happened to stop on the Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest show which caught my attention but after it ended I forgot about it. Fast forward to May 2006 switching channels again I see click onto midway through the Contest to see Tina Karol giving a spectacular performance and after seeing Carola perform I fell in love with this contest. Now that now 14 year old Australian boy was so enthralled by the contest he even went back to discover some of his favourite songs were Esc songs. After going back through 99% of the contests he is became a hardcore Aussie fan. My stance on many songs has changed with ::se 1999 being a song I despised growing into one of my favourite winners and songs like ::es 2006 going from me loving it to hating it. 8 years on, 8 contests later this 21 year old is a self confessed Eurovision nerd. Many thanks to Europe for hosting a show as spectacular as this. Finally I must say l'Europe, DOUZE POINT

27th May 2013, 02:04
I emulate the one watches Eurovision since his/her childhood. It must feel so good to watch bad visual effects as a child :(

27th May 2013, 02:30
The year of Lordi(di they won in Athen? ) because I decid to watch because I want to see ho the eurovision wa or becaus I had nothing more to do.

27th May 2013, 18:25
I've been watching it since the early 90s but not paying too much attention.
Started following it seriously in 2012. :p

28th May 2013, 00:33
my first esc in 1983, and when i have see i am in loving with Carola, Ofra, this year was fantastic, rai brodcast esc delayed start to midnight, after 1983 i have see all the esc, when italy dont brodcast it i have see esc in the 89's in the slovenian tv koper Capodistria, in the 90's in the tv french antenne 2, and in the 2000 i have satellite tv, and in the 2002 i have know internet and i hav e know many other eurofans, now i have 43 years old.

29th May 2013, 18:01
my first esc in 1983, and when i have see i am in loving with Carola, Ofra, this year was fantastic, rai brodcast esc delayed start to midnight, after 1983 i have see all the esc, when italy dont brodcast it i have see esc in the 89's in the slovenian tv koper Capodistria, in the 90's in the tv french antenne 2, and in the 2000 i have satellite tv, and in the 2002 i have know internet and i hav e know many other eurofans, now i have 43 years old.

Are you that old? :o I apologize for the words that I told you before, if you remember. xbow

31st May 2013, 12:49
i've been watching eurovision since 2002. i remember, i was watching it with my grandparents and my grandmother was just shocked when ::lv won. she said "if i would want to watch striptease and naked women, i would simply buy playboy instead" :lol: but you have to excuse her, she's a bit of old fashioned :p

31st May 2013, 17:37
my grandmother was just shocked when ::lv won. she said "if i would want to watch striptease and naked women, i would simply buy playboy instead" :lol: but you have to excuse her, she's a bit of old fashioned :p

I agree with your Grandma. Latvia was not a worth winner

31st May 2013, 17:55
I remember it because of the ::pt entry that year that was very popular among ::pt immigrants in ::de : 1979 (maybe I've watched it before, since my parents loved watching to the show (now they don't give a crap about it xrofl2), but it's the first time I really remember watching it. I haven't missed a single edition since then! xacademic (Yes, comparing to most of you, I'm old :lol:)

31st May 2013, 18:58
My grandparents watched it with me every year since I was born, they were both addicted to the contest (actually they never missed a contest from 1956 until the years they passed away). However, the first contest I remember is 1995 and since 2003 I consider myself addicted to ESC as well :lol:

1st June 2013, 09:41
I agree with your Grandma. Latvia was not a worth winner

Make that two who agree with Grams!

1st June 2013, 11:33
welll...I disagree xsnooty

5th July 2013, 16:35
Since 2001.

5th July 2013, 17:33
Watched it before, but I got 'obsessed' by it since 2006.

8th July 2013, 14:30
Watched it before, but I got 'obsessed' by it since 2003.

14th July 2013, 21:25
My Eurovision cassettes.

http://thumbnails104.imagebam.com/26543/b078d1265428785.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/b078d1265428785)

23rd July 2013, 08:21
2012 was my first time

16th January 2014, 20:26
2003 was my first time and I was 3

16th January 2014, 21:53
Watching since 2003, obsessed since 2009/2010. :D From 2003-2008 I only remember the winners, the German entries and a few other songs. I didn't pay that much attention to the entries back then, and I've never listened to the songs before the show (except the German one). My favorite part has always been the results show xbow

Mostly because I was crazy for geography, i was crazy for all the flags and stuff, music was just a background thing then. :lol:
xyeah :D

16th January 2014, 22:04
From 2002.

19th January 2014, 18:43
I saw bits of 2001, but didn't see a full contest until 2002.

19th January 2014, 19:05
Since 2002, when I was 8. :)

19th January 2014, 21:00

26th January 2014, 02:50

29th January 2014, 21:11
my first esc memories are from watching 2002 as a child (I thought until 2007 Lithuania won not Latvia btw :oops:) but I became a fan when I saw ESC2007 finale.

I listened to the songs from years 2008 and 2009 before the contest, and 2010 was the first time I followed some (non-finnish) national finals :mrgreen:

30th January 2014, 00:11
I was aware of it through out most of my life, and my mum would have it on and off (watching other programmes at the same times), We did watch the national finals though... I wanted to watch eurovision but my mum was like 'no point its all political voting and stuff, we always do really bad'. I believed her until I watched it for the first time in full in 2009. When we were 5th :lol: After which I understand the truth and watched the semi's and final in full every year. I even persuaded my mum its not political, although she occasionally has lapses in judgement xrofl2.

30th January 2014, 21:14
I started watching from 2008, that was a very good year :)

6th February 2014, 22:19
Hmmm... I was about 10 years old, when I fist started watching (in 1983).

2nd March 2014, 15:48
I started watching in 2003. I first voted in 2012 for Sweden.

2nd March 2014, 16:15
I started watching it since 2008. Since Eurovision is not broadcasted yet in my country so I always do the streaming every year. Hopefully next year..

4th March 2014, 00:41
The first time I remember seeing Eurovision was Ruslana's victory in Istanbul, 2004. I was so amazed by her performance, I knew next year I had to watch the whole show!! 2005 in Kiev was my first full contest, and I've been hooked ever since!! <3

4th March 2014, 14:00
2010, although it wasn't on the day, it was the day after. I heard we came last and curiosity got the best of me so I had to hear. I don't think my parents cared too much about watching it, but would maybe watch it in the background, I was young so I didn't care much for it, I was too busy watching cartoons or something. Now I'm absolutely hooked, but my Eurovision knowledge doesn't go much further back than 2010, unfortunately.

I remember our national selection in 2007, like come on, who couldn't forget Scooch. ;)

7th April 2014, 17:21
I think after 2008 edition!

It was summer and I was interested in media reports about San Marino's entry. So I learned and saw lots of things, I fell in love with it and in 2009 I saw my first full Eurovision, with both semi-finals and Grand Final on satellite, by the Russian TV channel!

7th April 2014, 19:57
I've watched it almost every year of my life, the first one's don't really count, but the interest in eurovision came when I saw Lordi win in 2006, the year after, I listened to all of the songs and tried to memory the chorus of each song just for fun, last year was the first time being in the audience and I would love to be there again.

8th April 2014, 18:26
The first time I remember seeing Eurovision was Ruslana's victory in Istanbul, 2004.

Me too! I've benn watching almost every concert since that time (I didn't watch in 2012 and 2013 because out broadcaster didn't air it :( ).

9th April 2014, 17:59
I have memories of the Finnish preselection from 2004 - I was 5, almost 6 (yeah I was born in 1998 :D) and I had a horrible fever, I was sleeping on our couch next to my dad and I remember waking up and asking "Did Finland win the competition?" when Jari was announced as the winner. Clearly I thought Finnish preselection = the entire Eurovision. Oh well, I was tiny.

I did watch Eurovision in 2006 when Finland won, I remember being scared of the monsters but I did like the show, my favourite songs were Armenia's Without Your Love and Romania's Tornero. In 2007 I watched the final, and later on the semifinal from the DVD my dad bought me. From there on I've watched every single final and from 2012 on also the semifinals. I became the huge fan I am today in 2010 after Oslo's competition when I joined a Finnish ESC fan forum.

9th April 2014, 22:11
Since 2003, but I don´t remember that much from then. I remember most from 2006 and up.

10th April 2014, 10:19
Saw glimpses of the 2007 contest, but started fully watching it and taking a big interest in 2008. Glad I did too!

10th April 2014, 12:02
My first ESC was in 1986 when this little girl won (Sandra Kim). I remember I was too young to stay up all night to watch the final results; my mum sent me to bed right after all the songs and I was so mad at her! Especially when she told me the next day that Sandra had won and that it was kind of a scandcal 'cos she lied abaout her age (at least that is what I remember). I was 7 years back then and I have watched every Eurovision Song Contest ever since. But truly, I have only a few memories of some of the earlier times, I remember the ESC 1990-94 very well, 1998 because Germany had this crazy guy called Guildo Horn and I remember all ESCs from 2000 on.

11th April 2014, 00:38
My first memories are back to the 99, when Spain was last in the ranking. I was with my parents and I will always remember their reaction.
Anyway, the first contest I will always remember will be 2001. With reference to that I realise how old I am nowadays :(

12th April 2014, 01:58
I started watching in 1999 when I was 11. I only remember fractions of it because of my shoddy long-term memory, but I remember that we tuned in halfway through which meant that we missed the ::uk performance and me and my sis were gutted :lol:

I remember ::se winning and thinking "oh, that's cool". I also remember I hated ::il's entry (and still do) :lol:

12th April 2014, 02:35
I remember some moments of 1994 (I was 4), and what I remember most from that year is Edyta Górniak's plain, white dress. :lol: That was undoubtedly an exciting ESC year for Poland...and I guess it was the first time I watched ESC.

12th April 2014, 02:58
My first ESC related memory are the victories of Anabela (1993) and Sara Tavares (1994) on FdC. I was only 4 and 5 years old! I remember like it was yesterday... In my first house in Lisbon, at night, wearing my pijama, sitting in the couch and hearing this beautiful songs...

Then big blank in my memory (not even Lucia Moniz 1996, our best place ever...) until 2003 and Rita Guerra's "Deixa-me Sonhar". But I really started to follow ESC in 2008 (already in college, back in Lisbon where my ESC passion started) with our Senhora do Mar, and in my opinion best year ever...

ESC for me is a big passion, love the interactions I get from every european country.

As I'm melancholic, just today I was watching the recaps from 2008 to this year. I just realise I have some countries I really liked through this years. Serbia, Iceland and Norway are most of the time in my tops... It's a shame we don't have Serbia this year...

Anyway, LONG LIVE ESC!! ;)

22nd April 2014, 02:23
We've always watched it, I vaguely remember our 1993 entry (when I was 6), but 1995 is already quite vivid. But I only remember our entries and winners up until 2002, that was the year when I was suddenly more into it and listened to the songs more than once a billion times. :mrgreen:

9th May 2014, 16:31
I began with only one entry. My parents woke me for Stefan Raabs 'Wadde Hadde Dude da?' in 2000, which I wanted to see, after he made a cover of a very popular title song of a german children's tv show (I caught myself watching "Die Sendung mit der Maus", even nowadays :lol: )

The first whole contest I've seen was in 2003. I remember I rooted for ::is and ::pl. Also a bit for ::ru, because of Tatu :D, but I hoped for ::tr not to win.

9th May 2014, 17:06
In 2003 when I was 16 Because of TaTu and Beth

9th May 2014, 19:02
From Year 1987 forward.

9th May 2014, 21:54
First one I remember clearly watching and following was in 2003 but I think I had seen a couple in the late 90's (like when Dana International won) but I don't remember watching them that clearly.

I never saw Ireland winning or at least I don't remember it since when we won in 1996 I was only 5.

10th May 2014, 00:59
When Sertab Erener won, 2003. Still one of my favorites songs. ::tr

10th May 2014, 02:50
I'm 19 now ... I can remember the Latvian contest in 2003 ... so I would be around 8 ... But I'm not sure if I watched before the 2003 contest, I possibly did

10th May 2014, 17:00
i starting watching as a fan in 2011

10th May 2014, 18:22
1999 was the first time I began to watch religiously

I recorded the contest and watched it a lot.. after that I was addicted

10th May 2014, 19:23
I watched ESC the first time in 1996 when I was 8. I fell asleep before the voting ended and my mom had to tell me later that Ireland had won :lol:

10th May 2014, 20:42
Pretty sure i never watched an entire show in the 80s. Watched it a few times in the 90s, really got tired when Ireland won three times in a row, don't think i watched it once after that. DID watch in 2000 and 2002, probably not 2001 because i don't remember it at all, nor 2003 or 2004. Since 2005 i've watched it every year, and been in the online ESC community in one way or another since 2007, which was also the first year i watched the semi.

10th May 2014, 21:13
My ESC-journey began in 1974 with ABBA and Waterloo. :D:D

14th May 2014, 21:08
1974 is mine too! Then I became real ESC-fan, but the first ESC- show that I watched was in 1971, when I was 7 years old.

8th February 2015, 21:44
2008, main songs from this year that I remember are: ::gr ::pl ::ru ::es and ::ua

8th February 2015, 22:53
I saw Eurovision for the first time in TV in 2007 as a random, casual viewer. Georgian "Visionary Dream" was the first Eurovision song I've listened to.
I remember I really wanted Verka to win and I was very dissappointed he ended up 2nd... I also liked "Time to party" a lot and I hated "Molitva" :oops:
Don't really remember when and why I started to love Eurovision. ;)

9th February 2015, 16:38
I remember some parts of the 2004 contest, but the first one I really remember is 2005 with My Number One winning and Vanilla Ninja representing Switzerland so everyone was rooting for them. I was quite little then, but I remember staying up very late watching it. :D After that I remember watching every contest as well, but the year I became more invested and interested in it was 2010. :D

11th February 2015, 07:01
2007 here. My dad had apparently watched the contest on and off for years, and one night he had it on in the loungeroom on TV and called me in to laugh at Dancing Lasha Tumbai along with him (so I only caught the second half of the show). I enjoyed it enough to tune in again in 2008 and watched the whole thing with him, but I wasn't the biggest fan of many of the songs this year (and it remains my weakest year since I started watching). I gave it another chance in 2009, this time dragging the family in too (me, Dad, Mum and my sister), and we all enjoyed it, though Mum and my sister wandered in and out as it went on. 2010 was the first time we all stayed for the whole thing, and we loved a lot of the songs. From there on I've gotten more into it each year - I looked up some info on the artists a month beforehand and joined forums in 2012, listened to the songs before the contest and checked a backlog of national finals for the first time in 2013, and finally started keeping up with blogs and national selections last year. And so here I am. :)