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24th March 2013, 02:31

I'm surprised there are no dedicated threads for every year. Is it just me?

This year ESC was held in Copenhagen, which is one of the few capitals outside Sweden that I've actually visited (must go to Oslo someday, at least...). I shall also admit that I can't even remember watching the whole contest, probably falling asleep somewhere between the Netherlands and Denmark. Such a week year!

And with such a weak winner - "Everybody" - by the most annoyingly intricate name of a group ever, namely Tanel Padar feat. Dave Benton feat. 2XL. Maybe that was why people actually voted for it - they got something to stumble over. Tanel Padar? Panel Tada? Lazy Papa? Hmpf.

In total I can only find four songs (on CD today) that I actually enjoy and choose to listen at more than twice. These are:

1. ::lv - Arnis Mednis - Too Much

For a second year in a row I'm inclined to put Latvia in first place. And it's very simple. I can't get enough of that tongue-trampling La La La-echoing. Truly addictive! A pity they don't use it one more time towards the end...

2. ::fr - Natasha Saint-Pier - Je Na'i Que Mon me

And two successive second places for France in my history book. Not the very best ballad, but it's definitely strong and suffficiently well-structured to get my attention and make me need a little more.

3. ::tr - Sedat Yce - Sevgiliye Son

Be patient and it's a partially elevated ballad.

4. ::gr - Antique - Die For You

Just so classic. Who didn't abuse Antique? Shake-urgent and fine overall.

I also have a couple of songs that are pretty ok, though still lacking some oomph:

5. ::il - Just ok.
6. ::ru - Definitely gets annoying pretty soon. But a little interesting first.
7. ::ee - Yeah yeah, you can listen at it, but it's a pretty lame celebration breaker (think Smash Mouth - All Star).

Apart from this, the other entries are either dull or null. And we have one pretty awful entry:

::ba - Nino Prses - Hano - Uuuh. Fruit salad.

To sum up. Four pretty good entries out of 23 is rather weak. Probably the worst year in the 21st?

What do You think? Post your top 10 or just comment on anything from this edition!


24th March 2013, 10:08
This year always makes me cry when I rewatch it.

The show and the songs were so bad and so uninspiring. The stage was boring and felt lame in some way. To mee, this years contest feels like a lost time, never returning, never even existing. I don't know. The whole mood of the competitions makes you wonder if this really happened? There is no Nostalgia because to me this is only a giant dark hole.

This is my true feelings. I can always go back to 2000 with joy. And 1998. And 1999. But 2001? No way. It always dissapoints me. "Everybody" was indeed a weak winner, but it could win with such a bad field facing them. There were no spectacular songs that stood out, except for Greece and Latvia (like you mentioned), the rest were slicky and sloppy ballads which started to get boring by then. "Everybody" worked, and while it's not the best song in the competition, it stood out enough to win it all. People grew tired of these ballads and then they found this little tune and put their votes on it.

I remember when we sent "Listen to your heartbeat". I remember Bert Karlsson, Fame Factory and all of that stuff. During these periods Sweden sent uptempo Schlager-songs resembeling Charlotte Nilsson (Now perelli) and we couldn't win this time either. It worked in 1999, but that's history by now.

24th March 2013, 10:19
The hosts that year were one of the worst, if not THE worst, since I've started watching in 1998. There was zero chemistry between them and it was just incredibly uncomfortable.
The Stage was horrendous and it looked half finished, like they ran out of time completing it, to this date my least favorite Stage.
Even the songs that year were way below average but at least the results were somewhat satisfying. Granted the winner was not the best though I didn't hate it as most people but most of the better songs ended up in the Top 10. The songs that I enjoyed were ::dk, ::gr, ::es & ::de however my clear favorite that year was ::fr, that one should have won IMO.
So overall a disappointing year.

25th March 2013, 18:14
I don't adore this year, but it's ok for me. This is my top 10.
1.::fr "Je n'ai que mon me" - Very beauty and emotional ballad. Definitely 1# of this night xheart
2.::nl "Out on my own" - Pleasurably and underrated ballad, 18th place was too loooow ;)
3.::se "Listen to your heartbeat" - Listen to your kartspeel, hehe :D Anyway, very good and catchy song :p
4.::mt "Another summer night" - Nice summer song, i like it.
5.::pt "S sei ser feliz assim" - Maybe boring, but very lovely ;)
6.::pl "2 Long" - Another pleasurably song. Fault of bad result was quite weak perfomance and this skin :?
7.::ee "Everybody" - Maybe this didn't deserved to Grand Prix, but it's cool chill-out song ;)
8.::no "On my own" - Interesting ballad, don't deserved the last place.
9.::lv "Too much" - Maybe quite cheesy and weird, but I like it :D
10.::ba "Hano" - Interestic ethnic pop/ballad. Good idea on their entry.

25th March 2013, 23:10
Good year, bad results. One of the worst winners ever and also a rather lame runner-up. My favourite was Antique xlove

25th March 2013, 23:31
I also feel this is one of the weakest years, for all the reasons listed above. I don't share the hate for "Everybody" though, I can totally understand why it won (unlike Marie N's I Wanna (Kill Myself)). I think Greece deserved to win though, "I Would Die For You" is an excellent song. "Je n'ai que mon me" placed as it should have, IMO it's excellent but not winning material.

26th March 2013, 00:14
MY TOP 5 OF 2001:

01. ::gr Greece
02. ::es Spain
03. ::dk Denmark
04. ::fr France
05. ::ru Russia

26th March 2013, 01:53
The 2001 stage was horrible... and the hosts make me want to bang my head against the wall ad infinitum!

My clear favourites that year were ::sl (deserved a higher placing), ::fr (deserved to win, full stop), ::hr and ::es

::ru & ::lv were irritating (the Russian vocals were like a cat drowning in a twin tub), ::ie and ::pt boring (sorry!) and ::pl messed up (that fur jacket!!!)

26th March 2013, 02:55
2001 was not a good year... But it had a bunch of great hits ! :)

::12 ::sl Nusa Derenda - Energy (Oh Gosh ! This is great ! :) )
::10 ::fr Natasha St-Pier - je n'ai que mon me (one of the few ESC songs to have become a classic in France ! :) )
::8 ::ru Mummiy Troll - Lady alopine blue (I really like it ! :) )
::7 ::hr Vanna - Strings of my heart (It's quite camp but I love it ! :lol: )
::6 ::nl Michelle - Out on my own (This was a nice attempt !)
::5 ::ee Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL - Everybody (Unlike lots of people I like this song and I think it's a deserved winner... People just should look on Fly on the wings of love... :? )
::4 ::uk Lindsay Dracass - No dream impossible (Cheesy as hell but has its charm)
::3 ::lt SKAMP - You got style (funny song)
::2 ::dk Rollo & ing - Never ever let you go (nice but that's all...)
::1 ::gr Antique -Die for you (Not found of it at all...)

I don't like the other songs I must say...
3 worst one according to me are ::ie, ::lt, ::pt :o

26th March 2013, 18:40
Oh, Nusa Derenda, the highest place ever for Slovenia. She deserved a top-5 for sure. Amazing.

29th March 2013, 03:50
Pretty weak year with one of the least deserving winners I can think of!

My top. 10 - 2001

::12::gr (this will remain the genuine winner this year imo!)

7th April 2013, 08:35
Terrible year!! :lol: The songs that I really liked: France, Greece, Estonia, Spain and Slovenia. Also, Israel, UK and Sweden were good. The others - NO!! :lol:

7th April 2013, 14:42

xheart perfection

8th April 2013, 00:00
I love the Slovenian version even more ! :)


10th April 2013, 09:45
That's a great version too!!

10th April 2013, 14:36
Two things that I remember from 2001, The presenters Natasja and Sren were awful embarrassing and how could Estonia win (though I was happy that a country won that hadn't done it before but that could have been Greece instead

11th April 2013, 02:17
Oh dear, don't remind me of those two awful hosts and their annoying rhyming couplets!

I hope for Christ's sake that should Denmark indeed win, the remote possibility of these two being considered as hosts will be immediately discarded!! x0s