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18th March 2013, 08:55
Well, I'm not sure if this thread is proper to be posted here, but I'm writing this to inform you about a small but fast-growing Chinese ESC Community.

It is really not easy to love ESC in China, as the media and broadcaster no cover it, and we have YT blocked in mainland China, so it is hard for us to know Eurovision news, to be informed right after an Eurovision entry is out, and even harder to watch Eurovision, as it usually starts on 3a.m Beijing Time when everyone is sleeping.

Most of us can only watch a certain edition of Eurovision by spending nearly a week to download it from Emule. But anyway, we always have great fans that are fond of the diversity, the great melodies, masterpieces of Eurovision, which is the most watched non-sportive event in Europe, and are motivated to overcome all the difficulties to break the GFW to listen to the songs in YT, to stay up in the Eurovision night, to wait for days for the downloading of Eurovision live videos.

And also, to create a postbar where we can discuss about the entries and even vote! Last year, 27 fans voted in 1-12 form to select their favorite Eurovision entry, and Iceland won among us with a slim margen against Sweden. Now we're considering create a new forum to replace our postbar under Baidu to expand us and discuss about Eurovision with more efficiency. We may follow the example of this ESCUNITED forum to organize our own, or we may also think of some own ideas as well.

This year we have a great plan to make our voice heard in the rest of the world. Now we are rating every entry with 1-12 in our postbar and report our result in our wordpress blog. This vote will not end until the end of April, when we'll start the 2nd round voting just like last year, to allow each one to vote their own 1-12. This year we expect an increase of voters among us.

We're also thinking of join the OGAE Rest of World as well, but we don't have an idea how to do it.

You can always visit us at:

ŷ޸質_ٶ (http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%C5%B7%D6%DE%B8%E8%B3%AA%B4%F3%C8%FC)

chinaescfans | Just another WordPress.com site (http://chinaescfans.wordpress.com)


We'd like to hear from you. Feel free to tell us if you have any suggestions for us! Although China is the most populated country in the world, China's ESC Community is currently very small. But, we'd like to start from here and go ahead. :D