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18th March 2013, 01:29
Post your suggestions for questions to ask the artist(s) and delegation here.

These questions can be Eurovision related, general music questions regarding the artist or even random questions (e.g., what three items would you take with you on a deserted Island).

We will have final say about which questions get asked, but we'd appreciate it if everyone keeps their questions polite. Negative or overly critical questions (e.g. Why is your song so bad? Do you think your song is plagiarism?) will most likely not get chosen.
So what questions do you think would be the best questions to ask artists?

Be sure to include your name and your city and country of origin.

19th March 2013, 17:59

Do you feel that Eurovision's reputation in the UK is getting better?

Sean, from Derby, UK

19th March 2013, 18:36
What do you personally think about Engelbert Humperdinck's final result?

19th March 2013, 18:43
Ask something along the lines of how Ana Matronic has become involved as a commentator to the delegation. Matt UK

21st March 2013, 23:25
Hi Bonnie!

I like your song and I wish you good luck! You have a great career for many years, the eurovision song contest isn't it a little risky, I mean you had and you have great success, what if the result (I wish not of course) will be very bad ? Don't you afraid ?


Jim from Thessaloniki, Greece

23rd March 2013, 08:11

Do you feel that Eurovision's reputation in the UK is getting better?

Sean, from Derby, UK

You should make people try to pronounce Ashby-de-la-Zouch for the lols.

23rd March 2013, 08:17
In such a ballad-heavy year, what sets 'Believe in Me' apart from the rest, and do you think you can bring the UK its first win in over 15 years?

Liam, Gold Coast, Australia

24th March 2013, 19:18
I love the bridge in the final part of the song, but you sing nothing and believe at the same time. If you can replicate this live this will be so powerful. Sorry it's not a question but proud that you are entering the contest for us.

25th March 2013, 15:17

Do you feel that Eurovision's reputation in the UK is getting better?

Sean, from Derby, UK
I really want this to be asked, as well as asking her what she thinks the UK delegation should be doing to increase the reputation in the UK and in the contest itself.

26th March 2013, 15:21
here i have a question for bbc and one for bonnie
first for bbc:
last year you had a balad and a experinced singer. it didn't do so good. how come you send the same song this year only in a feminine version?
second for bonnie:
personaly i don't like the song, but i heard about you before.
after the semi-failure of blue in 2011 what makes you belive that you can do better this year?
do you think your song can generate more interest as did last years entry from the u.k.?(why is that?)

13th April 2013, 19:32

Having travelled all over the world with your music, is there any particular Eurovision country that loves you more than most and you expect to get big points from?

Martin, Surrey

18th April 2013, 10:29
With all your years experience do you still feel nerves, If so do you have a way to deal with them?

Martin, Bognor Regis, UK