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18th March 2013, 01:29
Post your suggestions for questions to ask the artist(s) and delegation here.

These questions can be Eurovision related, general music questions regarding the artist or even random questions (e.g., what three items would you take with you on a deserted Island).

We will have final say about which questions get asked, but we'd appreciate it if everyone keeps their questions polite. Negative or overly critical questions (e.g. Why is your song so bad? Do you think your song is plagiarism?) will most likely not get chosen.
So what questions do you think would be the best questions to ask artists?

Be sure to include your name and your city and country of origin.

28th March 2013, 20:47
Hello Zlata and Ukrainian team,

Congratulations on your entry, it's one of the nicest songs this year.

My question for you could be a bit too controversial for some people.
Maybe you remember that last year there was quite some commotion about the fact that the singer, Gaitana, had a dark skin colour. This year, I see that you have several backing vocalists that are dark-skinned too. Was there a particular reason why this year these background singers were chosen? One could imagine that they were picked to provide a contrast with the controversy last year and to show that Ukraine is a tolerant country. Or did other motives play a role? Good luck at Eurovision, I hope you will qualify.

The Netherlands

2nd April 2013, 21:41
Your song has a very unusual structure and chord progression. Was it a deliberate choice to skip pop conventions when writing the tune (yes, i know Zlata didn't write it, but she can still have a word about it) or at least selecting it for the ESC, or did it all come naturally and nobody really thought about it? Do you think it helps you stand out?

(Henrik, Sweden)

16th April 2013, 23:03

Other than gravity, what is your favourite force?

Martin, UK

17th April 2013, 13:26
Hi Zlata!

You've participated in the Ukranian national selection the past few years, which one of your national selection songs is your favorite?

Good luck!
Reggie from California, USA

22nd April 2013, 13:55
Hi, Zlata!

I've seen a video of you singing in the Tatar language and I've been wondering for such a long time, do you have Crimean Tatar roots by any chance?
Best of luck!
Aziz, Turkey

23rd April 2013, 01:38
A) "It is true Disney and James Cameron are locked in a bidding war to buy the rights to your song for their future movies as we speak?"
B) "If the above is not true, will you seek them out to offer them the use of your song for their future movies?"
C) "Would the writers and directed agree with the claim that they were clearly inspired by 'The Ling King' soundtrack and the 'Avatar' landscapes when they wrote the song and directed the music video?"