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18th March 2013, 01:18
Post your suggestions for questions to ask the artist(s) and delegation here.

These questions can be Eurovision related, general music questions regarding the artist or even random questions (e.g., what three items would you take with you on a deserted Island).

We will have final say about which questions get asked, but we'd appreciate it if everyone keeps their questions polite. Negative or overly critical questions (e.g. Why is your song so bad? Do you think your song is plagiarism?) will most likely not get chosen.
So what questions do you think would be the best questions to ask artists?

Be sure to include your name and your city and country of origin.

19th March 2013, 20:37
Who See and Nina,

I have one question, and it's for Nina. How did you get into it? I was amazed enough when Who See was chosen to represent Montenegro, but I'm more amazed now (even more than before). So, I'm just wondering.

For the whole group, I wish you the best of luck (and hopefully the best result for Montenegro ever).

Greetings from USA

19th March 2013, 21:07
Question to all
1.Do you think Eurovision is interesting contest ? Or this is just a waste of time ?
2.Whether one day Montenegrin music industry can be strong and songs/artists could be popular outside the borders of country ? What do you think ?
3.What will you do, if Montenegro win contest ?
Big greetings from Poland

19th March 2013, 21:43
Who See and Nina,

Do you think it's important that more alternative songs are entered into Eurovision? Also, are you excited about entering the first dubstep entry and are you worried about how it will be recieved by the voters?

Sean, from Derby, UK

19th March 2013, 22:12
Okay, I just HAVE to ask this..

Will there be actual twerking on stage?

Danny from Antwerpen, Belgium

19th March 2013, 22:20
Who See and Nina

How did you decided to go to Eurovision, because most of your music (genre) colleagues from the region would've never done it? Do you think you can outdo Rambo's epic performance from the last year? Do you have some ideas for the visuals and the stage appearance? And another one... Do you think your Best Adria Act award had to do something with you being chosen for ESC, and what has changed ever since you won or has it affected you in any way?

Želim vam puno sreće i da konačno odvedete Crnu Goru u finale, red je! Susjedi su uz vas!
Pozdrav iz Zagreba,

2nd April 2013, 21:34
Sean: Well, it's actualy not THE first because there are several others this year, though this is the one with the longest dubstep part i guess!

Q: What do you think the interest in the ESC is like in Montenegro, and how has it been affected by not qualifying?

How are you going to deal with the sampled voices, which might break the rules?

Is there a intentional social message in your song and video? I think there is an intent to show that ex-YU and east european people may be poor, but still really know how to have fun and are not so unlike West Europeans as they often seem to think, am i on to something?

(Henrik, Sweden)