View Full Version : New Europevision Song Contest! :)

9th February 2013, 17:35
Hello everyone, im just starting a new contest called the New Europevision Song Contest! :) Please leave a post below if you want to take part! :) I would really appreciate it if you would take part, thanks :)
Link to our Wikia (Im Just creating it)
Edition 1 - New Europevision Song Contest Wiki (http://new-europevision-song-contest.wikia.com/wiki/Edition_1)

9th February 2013, 21:30
OK, I'll participate. Can we choose any country of Europe we want?

9th February 2013, 23:44
I would be in it, too. Waiting for Rules and Backgrund informations :)

10th February 2013, 01:49
I'd like to give it a go! What's the deal with it?

10th February 2013, 11:06
I'd love to participate if I knew the rules. :)