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20th October 2012, 13:10
26 countries have won the Eurovision Song Contest at least once. They are presented below:

1956 ::ch Lys Assia - "Refrain"
1957 ::nl Corry Brokken - "Net Als Toen"
1958 ::fr AndrÚ Claveau - "Dors Mon Amour"
1961 ::lu Jean-Claude Pascal - "Nous Les Amoureux"
1963 ::dk Grethe and J°rgen Ingmann - "Dansevise"
1964 ::it Gigliola Cinquetti - "Non Ho L'ÚtÓ"
1966 ::at Udo JŘrgens - "Merci ChÚrie"
1967 ::uk Sandie Shaw - "Puppet On A String"
1968 ::es Massiel - "La, La, La..."
1970 ::ie Dana - "All Kinds Of Everything"
1971 ::mc SÚverine - "Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue"
1974 ::se ABBA - "Waterloo"
1978 ::il Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta - "Abanibi"
1982 ::de Nicole - "Ein Bi▀chen Frieden"
1985 ::no Bobbysocks - "La Det Swinge"
1986 ::be Sandra Kim - "J'aime La Vie"
1989 ::yu Riva - "Rock Me"
2001 ::ee Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL - "Everybody"
2002 ::lv Marie N - "I Wanna"
2003 ::tr Sertab Erener - "Everyway That I Can"
2004 ::ua Ruslana - "Wild Dances"
2005 ::gr Helena Paparizou - "My Number One"
2006 ::fi Lordi - "Hard Rock Hallelujah"
2007 ::rs Marija Őerifović - "Molitva"
2008 ::ru Dima Bilan - "Believe"
2011 ::az Ell/Nikki - "Running Scared"

Many of the above have won more than once, but a country can only have one first-time win. I've omitted repeat wins, this thread is solely about the first time each country won the ESC. Here's your chance to discuss, and even vote for, which is your favourite first-time winner. You may wish to rank them in order of preference as a post on the thread, but you can only pick one favourite in the poll at the top.

It might just so happen you didn't like a country's first win, but did prefer one of their later wins, e.g. you may not have liked the UK's debut win in 1967 "Puppet On A String", but particularly liked "Save Your Kisses For Me" (1976) or "Making Your Mind Up (1981). On this thread please only discuss first-time wins by a particular country.

Notice the 12-year gap between first time wins 1989 (Yugoslavia) to 2001 (Estonia), the longest in ESC history. This was followed by the 8 year run of first time winners 2001 to 2008, the longest in ESC history.

20th October 2012, 14:01
::ie 1970 xbow

20th October 2012, 14:16
::se 1974 :) ♥

20th October 2012, 14:49
::il 1978 ♥♥♥ :D

20th October 2012, 19:17
::dk 1963 definitely! :D
::it 1964 is a close second.

20th October 2012, 19:21
::se 1974!!! :D

And then, ::gr::tr::de!

Not a fan of many of the others to be honest...

20th October 2012, 22:43
::se but I also love ::gr, ::no, ::tr, ::rs and ::it. I like ::es, ::il and ::be too.

20th October 2012, 23:39
::ua followed by ::it, ::de, ::il & ::se

21st October 2012, 11:54
::se, ::be, ::tr xheart

21st October 2012, 15:00
::no 1985 :mrgreen:

21st October 2012, 15:49
I like most of the First-Time-Winners, but my favorite of the songs above is Ruslana┤s winning-song from 2004 -

21st October 2012, 16:54
::de 1982 works best for me.

21st October 2012, 17:39
2006 Finland firstly,then 1978 Israel xheart

22nd October 2012, 00:47
::tr for me is the best. So many years of waiting to win and they did it with such a bang. The song was modern, reflected turkish music, big music star, incredible performance and a nail-biting victory to the end. Fantastic

13th May 2018, 19:55
Excuse me bumping a thread which has been dormant since October 2012, but being as Portugal won for the first time in 2017, and the winner of last night's ESC 2018 Grand Final was a country which had previously won three times, is there any way to add Portugal's 2017 win to the poll?

Otherwise, the only option will be to lock this an launch a completely new thread with all the above options plus:

2017 ::pt Salvador Sobral - "Amar Pelos Dois"

... as the final option .

21st June 2018, 02:11
::de 1982

3rd July 2018, 21:55
I can't choose only one. So ::pt 2017, ::dk 1963, ::be 1986 and ::rs 2007 xheart