View Full Version : Which is the best song of the Big Five/ Host songs?

24th May 2012, 12:57
UK? France? Italy? Azerbaijan? Spain? Germany?

24th May 2012, 13:08
Spain of course!

24th May 2012, 13:48
For me it's Italy's Nina Zilli.

I can't help but love her voice, her aura, her style. She's the only ESC artist this year whose work I've dug into this year. Her body of work does not cease to amaze me.

Most of the music she's made is brilliant, it fits my music taste excellently.

I have many favorites of her, this is one them:


24th May 2012, 13:58
Italy of course. Simply amazing voice, great charisma, great song.

24th May 2012, 14:47
For me it's hard to decide between UK and Italy, but I chose UK, because THAT is Eurovision, a beautiful ballad which is representing the spirit of ESC!

24th May 2012, 14:54
Spain, hands down, with Italy at a close second. The other three don't even come close, in my opinion. There's just something magical about Spain's entry and while Italy's entry is very good, I just don't get a magical vibe from it.

24th May 2012, 14:57
Spain isn't that bad but on the other hand it's also a boring in my opinion. It reminds me too much of Leona Lewis' "Run". I don't get the "never heard before" feeling, that magical moment when a song is totally different but fitting Eurovison though.

24th May 2012, 19:36
For me Spain has got the best song, closely followed by Italy.

24th May 2012, 19:59
It's between Azerbaijan, France and UK for me. Im not crazy about any but I think all three are quite good still. Ill go for Azerbaijan as I appreciate it's ethnic elements (despite it being bought from Sweden). Nina Zilli is my favourite singer though of the six of them. I just don't like her song still.

24th May 2012, 20:07
France :mrgreen:

24th May 2012, 20:30
Has to be Spain for me.

Although I really enjoy Italy and France too.

24th May 2012, 20:59
Spain has the best song imo. But I really love Nina Zillis voice and character.

25th May 2012, 00:33
At this moment my number 1 is Germany, but Italy is very close.

25th May 2012, 12:12
Oh I see some Swedes liking Spain. Are you gonna vote guys? Coz I will and I'm afraid my vote won't give any points to Spain given the fact that Sweden never votes for Spain. Now if I was in Greece my vote would made a difference...

25th May 2012, 12:16
Uh, I do not remember the last time BIG5 was so strong.
Spain - great
UK - great
France - great
Azerbaijan - nice
Germany - meh
Italy - meh and overrated

4 great songs! :o I don't know who to cast my vote for yet...

25th May 2012, 12:24
France! Closely followed by Italy & Spain.

25th May 2012, 12:25
I like all except Azerbaijan :)

25th May 2012, 12:30
Italy Big Time!!!

25th May 2012, 12:31
1.::es (such a nice song and Pastora's Voice, lovely)
2.::fr (The song is something diffrent, i really like the french parts)
3.::az (Good Song,Great Singer)
4.::de (Ok Song and Good Singer)
5.::it (for me the most overrated song this Year, the song ist so "Old"! But anyway her voice is good!
6.::uk (boring, just boring!)

25th May 2012, 18:38
Italy, although I like all six, it's the best one!

25th May 2012, 19:55
1. Italy (Awesome song) 5/5
2. Spain (Great song and performance) 5/5
3. France (Nice) 4/5
4. Azerbaijan (Great singer) 3,5/5
5. Germany (boring song, okay singer) 2/5
6. UK (boring song, okay performance, famous singer) 1/5

25th May 2012, 20:40
Azerbaijan and Italy :)

31st May 2012, 14:28
Final Results:

1. Azerbaijan (actual place in the final: 4)
2. Germany (8)
3. Spain (9)
4. Italy (10)
5. France (22)
6. UK (25)

1st June 2012, 14:31
Spain! I'd have said Italy but then they translated most of the song into English...I got mad 'cause there was no need at all.