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8th April 2012, 16:02
About Turkish, ::tr

In sentences, verb is variable for subject.

- I am going - Ben gidiyorum
- You are going - Sen gidiyorsun
You can't use as "Ben gidiyorsun". For that reason, usually you dont need to use subject in sentences. Just "Gidiyorum" shows the subject "I am", already.

And Turkish doesn't have "to be" in sentences. Verb's additional shows you the time.
For example;
I was going - Gidiyordum
I am going - Gidiyorum

And in sentences, subject is first word, verb is last word. Sentences' center has other things; time, place etc.

And about our special characters; there are 5.
Ğğ , Şş , , ,

And one detail; in English I and i are same letters. But in Turkish, I ( I - ı ) and i ( İ - i ) are not same.

For now, I don't have anymore thing to share.