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4th April 2012, 18:03

Faroe Islands are located north of the United Kingdom in the North Sea and are currently an autonomous region of Denmark. However, the islands have drafted up new constitutions in recent years which would be incompatible with Danish governance, hinting that the islands may decide to separate from Denmark in the future.

If so, would you support a Faroese debut at Eurovision? Personally I'd love it if the Faroes joined, I know hardly anything about the region and it'd be a great way to share their culture :)

4th April 2012, 18:22
Well they're members of UEFA and FIFA, s why not? :p

4th April 2012, 22:16
I'd love to see what they, as well as Greenland and the Sami people of northern Scandinavia might come up with, but neither of them are nations, obviously, so they can't enter ;)

5th April 2012, 20:26
How about getting independent first?

Not that I have anything against Faroe Islands, but if a non-independent region gets in, then we will have another, then another, then another... and in the end we'll end up with 70 participants and "Separatistvision Song Contest" lol :lol:

5th April 2012, 20:42
Two other "non-nations" that would be very interesting to see, would be Wales and the Basque Country, by the way....

27th April 2012, 08:22
If the first inhabitants of the Faroe Islands were Irish monks, then they must have lived as a very small group of settlers. Later, when the Vikings colonised the islands, there was a considerable increase in the population.

7th July 2012, 16:50
Well they're members of UEFA and FIFA, s why not? :p
You could make the same argument for the UK. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland enter the UEFA Euro tournament and FIFA World Cup as separate "countries", even though strictly speaking they're parts of one country (all 4 have the same passport which says United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). It's just that Wales never seems to qualify for FIFA World Cup, but that's going off on a tangent a bit. So on those grounds, you could argue England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be allowed separate ESC entries. I think that's against the EBU rules as one broadcaster the BBC serves all parts of the UK.

7th July 2012, 18:55
If The Faroes ever become independent, I'll gladly see them in the contest :D

26th October 2012, 20:30
I reacted on the spelling and thought:
- Bah, those English can never learn about the nordic dots, rings and dashes! :lol:

But how wrong I was! According to Wikipedia:
Faroese: Føroyar
Norwegian: Færøyene
Danish: Færøerne
Swedish: Färöarna

I've been to the Faroe Islands. I never heard of any Irish (Celtic perhaps) settlers but the islands were originally Norwegian, lost to Denmark in the aftermath of the Napoleon wars 1815 (as was Iceland and Greenland). Wet green grass and sour sheep meat are my prevalent memories of the islands. :D

Iceland was in union with Norway and from 1397 with all Nordic countries (Kalmar Union). The union was kept with Denmark until 1944 when Iceland declared itself as a republic.

30th October 2012, 19:23
There are excellent music artists from Faroe Islands. If they can then sure I'm looking forward to their debut.

18th November 2012, 21:20
Erm nope they are not a country. I'll wait to see if they get independence first

Dark Master
6th June 2013, 12:42

Erm nope they are not a country. I'll wait to see if they get independence first
I rule that country, boy.