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20th March 2012, 18:55
Could this been the first time since 2004 the entire Big 4/5 will be out of the bottom 5? Looking around most seem to have at least one in their top 10s xD

20th March 2012, 19:03
Interesting point. No doubt they've all stepped up their game this year (hell, even Spain are taking it seriously this year).

20th March 2012, 19:13
I don't know TBH. France & UK may have a difficult time and with a bad performance Germany could be flopping as well. So while I personally like all Big 5 entries I still think at leat 1 or two will not make it out of the Bottom 5.

20th March 2012, 19:18
I think France will be last or near.... But the rest will do well or at least decent :)

20th March 2012, 19:19
France won't be last.

20th March 2012, 19:40
I really like Spain & Italy and I think they will be in the top 10. I also guess that we (Germany) might do well, especially with the good 20th place from the draw.
It's sad that the UK has to open the final, this might be a problem for a ballad. France on the other hand is just not my cup of tea.

20th March 2012, 20:40
in this order Italy top 5, Spain top 10, Germany top 15, France top 20 and last Uk