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6th March 2012, 23:08
How do you forget someone you love? How does someone forgets that we need and that cost us more to remember that living? When someone suddenly goes away what do you do for him/her to stay? When someone dies, when someone break up - what do you to when someone you need is not there? People have to die, loves to end. People have to go, places have to stay away from each other, times have to change. Yes, but how you do it? How do you forget? Slowly. You need to forget slowly.

If a person tries to forget all of a sudden, the other can get him/her Forever. Can be processes and dump operations who has at heart, make the biggest wishes, enter in fights in the largest, but suddenly cannot dump. They didnt go away. Stupids! You need to endure. No one want that, but you need it. First part of every cure is Accepting that you're sick. It needs patience. the worst is that we live in times that no one endures anything. No one endures pain. Of heart or head. No one holds to be alone. Advices and pills are taken. Escapes and alternatives are searched. But sadness will just go away if you are sad.

We can't forget someone if you just finished remembering it. Who wants to avoid the pain, prolongs it in time and dishonor it in soul. Missing something is a pain that can go away after you felt it, an honored pain. It's a pain that you first need to Accept. You need to Accept this sadness, that breaks your heart and it makes out your mind. You need to Accept the love and the death, separation and sadness, lack of logic, lack of justice, lack of solution.ow many world problems would be less burdensome if they had only the weight they have in themselves, realizing they have no solution. You dont need to run away from problems. Sometimes you cant solve them.

They tell us that to forget we need to get hobbies, to have something to do, to work harder, to distract the views, to have more fun, but the much you run away, you will have to face it later. Everything stays in our souls. There's not a way to forget. The moments of forgetfulness, achieved with great cost, with pills and friends and books and cups, pay then double memories. To forget, you have to make it run in the heart of remembrance, hoping he get tired.

6th March 2012, 23:39
Time is the only solution. But if you really love that person, you will need much time...

And if that person dies... well, you can learn to live without that person, but that person will be always on your mind.

6th March 2012, 23:48
U never forget someone u love, but....as time passes, it becomes bearable.

Btw, it's not easy to read so many orange letters, u know:p

6th March 2012, 23:49
U never forget someone u love, but....as time passes, it becomes bearable.

Btw, it's not easy to read so many orange letters, u know:p

Should I use black in long texts?

6th March 2012, 23:50
I never forget anybody, even people I ended up hating in the end :lol: I think anybody who you had a special feeling for or connection with will always be in your memory, it's just you move on when you've 'lost' them.
As for somebody dying, my old Dog is the only thing that I loved greatly that I've experienced dying, I have been comparatively lucky compared to many people - the youngest of my Grandma's turns 80 this year and she's not too good, I expect she will be the first :(. Like Pablo said, they will always be on your mind but you just learn to live without them and adapt. I think you will always feel sad when you realise that they've gone, even years and decades afterwards.