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9th December 2011, 22:37
It's probably hard to imagine but we all have been newbies one day (even those ones with a post count of 1,000 and more), so I want to start a thread for forum members to tell the others which post was their first one on escforums.com. Feel free also to share your stories from newbie time! :D

9th December 2011, 22:41
haha, that has been almost 6 years and 4 versions earlier of this forum, so I can't remember it but probably it was a post in the games and quiz forum:p

9th December 2011, 22:50
Mine too, I remember mine was a post in the 'How high can we count' thread :p

11th December 2011, 01:46
Im not sure, but as far as I know, my first post was about the Polnish NF 2011.

11th December 2011, 01:55
I think my first post was in Portugal 2011 thread, I was ranting about how Catarina Pereira was robbed and should go again that year :lol:

11th December 2011, 02:23
My first post was on the old forum (in fact it may have been two forums ago even), I cant remember what was the topic but Id imagine that it was the United Kingdom thread :D.

11th December 2011, 02:30
I have no idea what my first thread was. Probably in one of the Germany here we come! subforum...

11th December 2011, 02:37
It's been too long but I think it was about Germany 2006's entry and how bad the NF was.

11th December 2011, 10:52
My first post was in FSC - Sign up thread... It's not very hard to remember it. :lol:

11th December 2011, 13:00
I don't really remember either, but I think it was in NSC forum for the country apply. :lol:

11th December 2011, 14:20
I was posting information about MYMU in 2008 :lol:

11th December 2011, 14:54
My first post:

::ca Toronto
In the Country Cities Alphabet at 9th May 2011 14:05 :lol:

11th December 2011, 21:16
My first post was about Sergey Lazarev on Russia 2011 therad, who he should go to ESC...