View Full Version : Doing ESC in public

10th October 2011, 18:21
Idea from another forum.

Do you ever do something ESC related in public like singing ESC songs?

10th October 2011, 18:26
...I've never had this idea. :lol:
And if I do something ESC related, it's usually "just" introducing ESC to people.

11th October 2011, 00:27
I find myself singing ESC songs all the time. I've told my brother (who plays the piano) to learn my favorites, so whenever I'm at my parents, we're jamming ESC songs. Hehe.

11th October 2011, 00:58
:Hm, I can't say that I talk to the people around me details about ESC, since the people are not very much interested in it, at least here where I live (in my hometown). I comment the events connected with ESC only with friends of mine who are fans and who follow it (only a few of them)....and that's it, more-less. Sometimes I sing the ESC songs, but strictly for my personal "leisure":lol:

16th October 2011, 00:15
I have all ESC songs since 2000 and some older songs on my MP3-Player and I hear these songs every day. The people around me know, that Im a big fan and some of them are also fans now :D
Im singing some ESC songs at home for myself, as Im not a good singer, I dont try to sing in public.

16th October 2011, 09:04
When I organise parties I usually put a healthy dose of ESC or ESC-related songs in my playlist, and I will gladly enlighten my friends if they have questions :-D.

18th October 2011, 02:35
Hell, YEAH! :mrgreen: I fucking love singing when in public, no matter if ESC-related or not and I do like to do some moves ones in a while. :lol: