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8th August 2011, 16:08
I'm shocked with one clip where players of turkish football club Sivaspor sacrifice a sheep before the start of the friendly game against Rad Belgrade! :shock::shock::shock:


This is really too much :?:

8th August 2011, 16:16
Sivasspor celebrates the beginning of the new season. It's a tradition in central anatolian region, people sacrifice somethings for beginning, opening or celebration of somethings. ( not for little jobs though )

Your team did a mistake by playing against the team of such a city with low mentality and paganic traditions. It's one of the cities I will never go or visit in any case ! Sivas is also a criminal with its history ( massacres against Alevis )

And by the way, I'm sure there are some provacateur people who can blame all of Turks and Turkish culture over this event, my message to them is that they should look at themselves first ;)

8th August 2011, 16:26
I just saw the title in newspaper, but I didn't know there was video, lol. I was like...wtf?...
Then I thought they wanted to scare Serbian club a little bit...with this (lol, tactics..who knows??) ...but now Altug says it's tradition. OK then...I understand. Sport event is strange place for this anyway.

10th August 2011, 11:15
I am shocked by what the players of Sivasspor did. I can't believe things like this are still being done, and on a football pitch?! Unbelievable. Rad's players said they are still in shock because of the things they saw.

10th August 2011, 11:28
At least you all learnt not to play a friendly match against central anatolian teams ;) So don't exaggerate it please. It's happent and over !

10th August 2011, 17:44
This what surprised me today about yesterdays match between Hull FC and Macclesfield Town (My Hometown Team) that Macc beaten and 2nd level team 2 - 0 while Macc is an level 4 team! Go Silkmen Go! :D

11th August 2011, 03:10
That it is possible to rain so much even during a British summer! :lol: