View Full Version : Red or Brown Sauce?

4th August 2011, 19:19
Another age-old question, although I think only British and Irish people will know how big of a deal this is...
Which is better: red sauce or brown sauce?
This http://inkbyte.com/c_Shelly_Lowenkopf/080822-Ketchup/icon-ketchup.jpg
or this? http://tenerifeonlineshopping.com/userfiles/image/2e57hb5.jpg

4th August 2011, 19:23
well it changes with foods, but I like to use red one on spaghetti

4th August 2011, 19:28
I love tomato sauce, but BBQ is awesome too :mrgreen:

4th August 2011, 19:31
This brown sauce....is it 'gravy' sauce or something else??

Oh, 'brown' is BBQ sauce? Then I don't like it.
Ketchup is better;)

4th August 2011, 19:54
America is all about its sauces. Different types of ketchup, and huge varieties of BBQ sauces, some good, some not so good (to me). But ketchup is the greatest thing that's happened to the world. My family goes through a jumbo container of ketchup per week. So, red sauce. :lol:

4th August 2011, 19:58
Btw if there is any confusion over the name: we call tomato sauce 'red sauce' and BBQ sauce 'brown sauce'. We're fun that way :D

4th August 2011, 21:28
Brown Sauce isnt BBQ sauce is it? I always thought they were different! :lol:

Anyway, I only like Tomato Ketchup... it's lovely! I only really have it with fish and chips though, for me it doesnt really go with much else. As for Brown Sauce, Id rather DIE than eat that! xpuke :lol:

4th August 2011, 21:42
It depends for me, if I'm eating steak I would rather have steak sauce. If I'm eating French fries, I would rather have ketchup.

4th August 2011, 23:16
Why not french fries with mayonnaise:D ::be

4th August 2011, 23:53
I hate Ketchup but I love Brown Sauce ;)

5th August 2011, 09:23
I xheart Ketchup!

5th August 2011, 17:34
I xheart Ketchup!

Dont make me throw Brown Brown sauce at you :D

5th August 2011, 23:20
Ketchup all the way!!! The only brown sauce I like is the gravy.

Why not french fries with mayonnaise:D ::be
mmmmmm., with ketchup and mayonnaise and some feta cheese on top + oregano. :mrgreen:

6th August 2011, 01:14
I had fries (well chips) and mayonnaise tonight, God I love it! xdrool

6th August 2011, 03:12
I had fries (well chips) and mayonnaise tonight, God I love it! xdrool

I tried that a while back, with just (Western) mayonnaise alone, it was too creamy for my liking. I usually use Japanese mayonnaise because it has a more tart and lighter taste, and mix it with any ketchup. When I want some spice in the mix, I add a bit of cayenne or paprika.

20th February 2016, 17:25
I vote for red, but love both.
Red is for chip butties.
Brown is for cheese sarnies.
Red and brown are for mushrooms, but not at the same time.