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22nd June 2011, 21:01

Ireland is a small independent country situated on the most westerly side of Europe. We are an island nation, which means we are surrounded by water. Ireland is divided into two parts--The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. There are 26 counties in the Republic and six in the North. Dublin is the capital of the republic and Belfast the capital of the North.Ireland is called Éire in Gaelic, the native language of Ireland. English is the main language of the country but there are many pockets of the country,especially on the western seaboard where Irish is the everyday language of the people.

These are the lists of the six participates as of 22nd June 2011. More To Come!

http://www.senojflags.com/images/national-flag-icons/Ireland-Flag.png Ireland NF
http://www.senojflags.com/images/national-flag-icons/Greece-Flag.png Greece - Nino - 14 Flevari
http://www.senojflags.com/images/national-flag-icons/United-Kingdom-Flag.png United Kingdom - Sophie Ellis Bextor - Can't Fight This Feeling
http://www.senojflags.com/images/national-flag-icons/Belgium-Flag.png Belgium - Idools 2011 - More To Me
http://www.senojflags.com/images/national-flag-icons/Sweden-Flag.png Sweden - Danny - Radio
http://www.senojflags.com/images/national-flag-icons/Russian-Federation-Flag.png Russia - Plytsa - Anti RNB

NF - Ireland!

1. The Script - We Cry
2. Royseven - We Should Be Lovers
3. Imelda May - Inside Out
4. Nikki Kavanagh - It's For You

Voting for NF Ireland ends 25/6/11! System is 2,4,6,8