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16th May 2011, 23:30
I've always liked watching the interviews, it reveals so much about the singer's character.


Who's interviews did you like the best? Why did you like them?

16th May 2011, 23:41
This ones:

Maja Keuc: http://www.radardemedia.ro/2011/03/29/exclusive-interview-with-maja-keuc-the-slovenian-representative-in-eurovision-2011/

Magdalena Tul: http://www.radardemedia.ro/2011/04/27/exclusive-interview-with-magdalena-tul-the-polish-representative-in-eurovision-2011/

Anna Rossinelli: http://www.radardemedia.ro/2011/04/15/exclusive-interview-with-anna-rossinelli-the-swiss-representative-in-eurovision-2011/

Dino Merlin: http://www.radardemedia.ro/2011/04/10/exclusiv-dino-merlin-romania-are-an-de-an-piese-foarte-bune-la-eurovision/

Why do I like them? Because they where taken by me :lol:

16th May 2011, 23:46
^:lol: Of course of course :lol:

I LOVED the ESCToday interviews of Homens da Luta.
In general all of Emmy's interviews were great too. The same applies for Nina.

16th May 2011, 23:46
I liked some of the interviews by Aurela and by Vlatko. They were pretty funny! :lol:

16th May 2011, 23:48
Seriously now! Dino Merlin is the king of interviews. In only 3 questions I found out everything I wanted to know from him :lol:

16th May 2011, 23:51
*ahem * Jedward? :)

16th May 2011, 23:52
Look at how fun they are!


17th May 2011, 00:48
Dana, Jedward, Dino, Homens da Luta, Alex, Dvid Bryan.

Other representers were boring, they said nothing special.

17th May 2011, 03:38
On Australian TV there was an interview with Alex from Russia - so funny he could not keep his hands off the female interviewer, see herehttp://www.sbs.com.au/eurovision/extras/index/page/2, and click on the first one!

17th May 2011, 10:30
Dana, Poli.... I didn't watch many interviews this year...

17th May 2011, 11:55
Jedward's interviews and press conferences were always entertaining.

17th May 2011, 12:07
About Jedward. I liked them but sometimes they where just to much. At the press conference after the 2nd Semifinal I heard that their PR told them to walk over the table and I don't agree on that! They should do that only if they feel not do it like actors because thir PR told them....

17th May 2011, 17:12
Poli's, Daria's, Maja's, Nina's, Anna's, Jedward's, ANASTASIYA'S :lol: , Nadine's & Senit's. Emmy was nice to hear sometimes, also Witloof Bay and Hotel FM. ;)