View Full Version : Eurovision Parties - Dress-Up

13th May 2011, 20:43
Right guys, I need your help.

Tomorrow I am going to a SUPER HAPPY FUN EUROVISION PARTY, and it will be brilliant. However, there is a catch - Eurovision dress-up. I have decided to go as:


(Not the fairy ;) )

The big problem will be the hat. I don't want to spend more than 20 on materials. So the question: how do I make a hat?

In addition, who is dressing up for tomorrow and partying?

13th May 2011, 20:49
I want one of those hats too!! No idea on how to make it but I want one.

I will be wearing one of these:


That's my effort for the evening haha

14th May 2011, 17:29
Materials bought!