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1st May 2011, 01:05
I have tried to make the impossible! I have tried to guess who votes for who in the semis to see which countries will pass to the final. This is mostly done for fun, just to see if it is impossible to guess the results. You may criticize the votes if you want, but keep in mind that this is very hard to do and I may have forgot something on some places.

Here is the results of semifinal 1 (The lines in green are the ones that passes to the final):


And here are the semi 2 ones:


If you have the time or lust to do this, you are more than welcome to do so. But if not, just write down what you think about my results? Do they look right or will it be completly different?

I will do one more after the first rehearsals are made and will be posted later on.

1st May 2011, 02:00
Interesting results and I think some of these might come true but I really don't see Poland and Israel failing that bad. ;)

1st May 2011, 02:09
And I really can't see Lithuania, Belgium and Albania in final.
And only 1 point for San Marino!

1st May 2011, 03:44
I don't think Estonia will win semi2, let alone get 7 from Macedonia. :shock: If they get 1 point, they should be happy.
Also, Austria is way too high. No chance for her ending in front of Dino. Also, many Bosnians from Netherlands and Belgium will vote for Dino and hence they should get some decent points from them. ;)

1st May 2011, 09:37
I never think, that Germany will give Austria 12 points. This would be a sensation :D

1st May 2011, 10:27
I think that Gemany will give 12 points to Austria (or Italy... in the final )

1st May 2011, 11:57
I don`t think Bulgaria will give FYRM 12 points in the semi. And of course, BG will give 0 to Romania, in stead of 3. :lol:

1st May 2011, 12:19
slovakia last don,t think so and belgium to final i don,t think that will happen. I see not austria so high and Lithuania?

1st May 2011, 13:19
::az 1st...yes actually it can be! like your predicition ;)

3rd May 2011, 17:59
Obviously put a lot of effort into this, but I think next week when we have the real results they will look completely different.... Belgium qualifying???? Sweden will win the second semi final.... And poland 15th???? Mark my words 12 points from the uk will be for hungary or norway. Good effort though :)

3rd May 2011, 18:08
Lol, for fun.... I asked my dog to pick the winners..... I played the songs he barks at five of them. They were azerbaijan, uk, sweden, hungary and estonia (this could mean, he does not like them though) tails wagging on azerbaijan though, so I declare azerbaijan 2012 :p

3rd May 2011, 18:26
A dog predicted our victory?
:twisted: we don't want to win in this way...Better to fail ;)

4th May 2011, 01:12
Lol @ narima, come on, azerbaijan have been robbed of victory too many times, best of luck hun u guys deserve it x x x x

4th May 2011, 08:12
^^ thanks for support asia. We really want to win, but no this year ;)

4th May 2011, 08:24
^ Why not this year?

4th May 2011, 10:53
^ I don't think we can take the 1st place, cause there is such "Giants" like Blue, Amaury & Eric. But I hope to be in Top 5. Unfortunally :(

6th May 2011, 23:17
So now I have made a new "Guess The Votes" and they look slightly different from before the rehearsals:

Semifinal 1:


In the top we still find Azerbaijan, but Finland has moved closer and is now 2nd. Russia falls to third place with Greece as the 4th, much closer behind than before. It is still extremly tight about the 10th place but now has Georgia a place in the final and Albania has dropped and is just 9th, on the same point as Armenia and only one point behind is now Lithuania, that is now out. San Marino has earned a few more points, but is still last and Portugal has passed Iceland and is now 17th.

Semifinal 2:


We have a new leader in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Estonia, that was leading before got passed even by Denmark. Romania is now 4th and Sweden is still 5th. One of the biggest drops comes from Austria, that now is 7th, mainly because of the bad draw. The 10th place is almost as tight as the 1st semi. Changes from before is that Latvia and Bulgaria now is qualifying instead of Slovenia and Belgium. Ireland has moved up to 11th and is only 3p from a place in the final. In the last places Slovakia is at the very bottom, but has earned one more point since the last time. Belarus has dropped to 2nd last and The Netherlands has moved up one place to 17th. Biggest drop of them all is Belgium, from 10th to 16th place!

Does this look better? or will they fail too? Will compare my votings with the actual results afterwards! :)

6th May 2011, 23:24
I'm not sure I agree with your new predictions more, to be honest, only on Georgia and Bulgaria qualifying, maybe. :lol:

7th May 2011, 01:44
Jup, 16th place for Belgium is much more realistic than 10th! And we probably will be surpassed by The Netherlands and Slovakia as well. ;)

7th May 2011, 23:29
@ Schlagerman1

Do you hate the Polish entry or something? I'm pretty sure it will qualify and I can't see it ending bottom and it shouldn't either... that's just a weird prediction imo

8th May 2011, 15:56
@ Schlagerman1

Do you hate the Polish entry or something? I'm pretty sure it will qualify and I can't see it ending bottom and it shouldn't either... that's just a weird prediction imo

No, I find the polish entry pretty decent, but I just can't see it pass. I think many at home will enjoy it, but when people are going to vote, they will go to their top faves, and I don't see the polish entry as one as being that in enough amount of people. I also think the jury will vote it down and give quite low to Poland I'm afraid.

This is not a guess on what I like, it is more in what I think people will vote for. For example I dislike Armenia and Lithuania very much, but I have a feeling saying that they both can qualify. My number 1 in semi 1 is Azerbaijan in the guessing and I like that song, but personally, I think that Norway or possibly Greece will be my fave personally on the night.
You may be right though that Poland may end up higher than in my prediction, but I still don't think it'll make it through.

9th May 2011, 15:08
I see, but I can't see it ending bottom even if it wouldn't qualify.. I think the jury support atleast will be too high for that.

We'll see.. I hope it qualifies because it deserves it.