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28th April 2011, 15:30
So now that we've known all the songs for over a month, is there any songs that you used to not like but now like??

For me, I used to hate the ::ge and ::mk entries but I like them now that I've heard them a lot of times :)

Also, I used to love the ::ba entry but I'm not really fussed on it now :(

28th April 2011, 16:13
Growers : Macedonia, Greece, Portugal and Belgium.

Faders : Turkey, Estonia and Romania

28th April 2011, 17:32
i found ::bg ok at first but now its my second favourite song.. ::de kicked in immediately for me, then the song kind of faded but now its growing a lot again, its actually my favourite song.
im liking ::it more and more every day as well.

at the moment the catchy songs are fading for me.. like ::ie for example.. i like this song a lot actually and its stuck in my head but now its getting annoying that i cant get it out of my head and im liking it less and less every day

28th April 2011, 18:44
i think have listened to them all too many times now, and they have become boring..... :p i used to like norway and estonia, but they have lost their appeal after listening to them for 1000 times. The songs which grew on me were proberly portugual macedonia and belgium, but not to the point where they deserve my vote lol

28th April 2011, 18:48
Growers: Albania, Belarus, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Latvia and Malta.

Faders: Bulgaria, Estonia, France and Russia.

28th April 2011, 22:46
Growers: Slovenia, Austria and Armenia

Faders: Georgia, Spain, Finland

28th April 2011, 23:49
Growers: Spain, Switzerland, Albania, Norway, Bosnia & Herzegovina...

Faders: Iceland

28th April 2011, 23:55
hm... I don`t know. Maybe Ukraine and Albania. Russia also grew on me aswell as Azerbaijan.
Faders : Croatia, Finland, Greece and slightly UK....

29th April 2011, 00:02
Growers- ::ge , ::bg, ::al

the rest stay the same

Faders- ::uk, ::no (it loses it's steam after months and months of listening :lol: )

29th April 2011, 00:08
San Marino and Finland hardest grow on me this year

29th April 2011, 02:26
Growers: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain, Azerbaijan, Austria, Serbia

Faders: Norway, Estonia, Slovenia, Finland, Ireland

29th April 2011, 03:05
Growers: ::ba ::nl ::bg ::mk ::ie

Faders: ::pl ::ge ::mt

29th April 2011, 19:54
Growers: Slovenia, Ireland, San Marino
Faders: Estonia!!! It was 2nd on my list but now it's like 15th-20th ;)

29th April 2011, 20:16
Growers: ::lv ::sl ::ba

Faders ::se

30th April 2011, 01:31
Growers: Azerbeijan ( I didnt liked so much, but now i love it), Ireland (It was just like WTF I like this O.O ), Unidet Kingdom (Didnt like at first, but now its in my top 5)

Faders: Georgia (This song was great, but with time become meh)

30th April 2011, 05:36
^ I agree with all of them :D

30th April 2011, 07:26
Growers: The Netherlands
Faders: Germany

30th April 2011, 09:15
My growers: ::bg ::it ::is
My faders: ::no ::ee