View Full Version : Eurovision 2011 - Sames songs, But YOU are the Jury!

13th February 2011, 18:51
Hey guys,

I want to make a contest where all 43 ESC 2011 songs compete, but with a few changes. These are:

ALL countries compete in a semi final (even Germany)
There will be 3 Semis (15 countries in Semi 1, 14 in Semi 2&3)
YOU are the JURY!

Some rules from the main ESC though. Such as NOT voting for your own country, and voting 1-8, 10 and 12.

You may post on this thread, but you DON'T vote until all 43 songs are available to listen to. I have set up a website (http://youarethejuryeurovision2011.webs.com) to let you look at the list of songs and dates for not only the dates for NF'S, but dates for this contest, too. Click THE CONTEST for the songs and info.

You will be able to vote through Scorewiz voting links posted when the 43 songs have all been chosen.