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12th February 2011, 21:58
Hi everyone! Got tickets to the Eurovision final (my first time going to the contest) and just wanted to ask if anyone knew the rules regarding what audience members can take in with them...the rules on detickets state that no posters, banners and a long list of other things are not allowed. But, can we take our nation's flag?

12th February 2011, 22:02
Yes, you should be able to bring flags as long as it has not advertisement or any kind of messages on it, I believe. I will do some more research on that though. Welcome to the board btw. I'm going myself for the first time....can't wait

13th February 2011, 20:41
Actually when I went to ESC in Belgrade two years ago they let me in with the special banner I made (it was an advertisement for an online song competition on this board itself :lol:), but it's best to get it checked anyway, maybe it won't be the case this year

14th February 2011, 00:40
I always wonder if there is a rule about the size of flags/banners but I've guessed that there isnt due to that huge Russian flag at the front in 2007 :lol:.

14th February 2011, 09:25
Just found more specific rules relating to Eurovision rather than just general events at the arena:

Bringing large posters, banners and/or promotional notices and miscellaneous objects that compromise the safety of the Event (e.g., insulated bags, bulky objects), liquids or drugs is also prohibited.

I'm assuming from this that anything of a sensible size will be fine.

28th February 2011, 14:44
it depends where is your seat located as well. if you are in OGAE fan zone (fron of stage) then long flagpoles are not allowed because of safety (crane cameras moving during the show over your heads) and standing during songs and waving big flags/posters/banners is not allowed because of cameras that are placed behind fan zone (those cameras take close angles of performers and you may ruin picture if u stand or wave your big flags). in other sectors longer flagpoles and standing may be allowed and may not be allowed (in moscow 2009 i was in back tribune during final, out of any camera sight, but i was not allowed to stand). in oslo 2010 it was not allowed to bring in any food or drinks (in tallinn 2002 even my half pack of chewing gum was not allowed to take with me in to arena). professional video/photocameras are not allowed either without special permission/accreditation. small compactcameras/cell-phones are allowed.
so basically rules are same as every big concert or football event. as it takes place on football stadium, i think that security crew and standards will be quite same as every other event on that stadium.

17th March 2011, 16:56
I will bring this http://gdb.rferl.org/6C0C68F4-E912-46A5-974D-34D672A3226B_w527_s.jpg ;)