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3rd January 2011, 21:09
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One from "Israeli Big Brother" went to "Spanish Big Brother", and someone from "Spanish Big Brother" went to "Israeli Big Brother".

The one from Israel need to teach the others to sing the song "Abanibi" (Israel 1978). The one from Spain need to teach the others to sing the song Bandido (Spain 1990).

"Israeli/Spanish big brother" groups will perform live and sing the songs in front of other "Big Brother" groups around the world, and they will give pt.

So, who you think will win? ;) Which song is easier to sing?

The Israeli hosts talk about the mission


The Spanish house try to study "Abanibi":


3rd January 2011, 21:47
^Great idea for BB, I like it!:D I'm sure it will be very funny show!:D And with BB it doesn't matter who win some game, as long as it is fun for viewers to watch, I think both teams will prepare great show:D
(For me, personally, would be much easier to sing any spanish song, then hebrew, cause spanish is much easier for pronunciation, it's unfair advantage):oops::lol:

3rd January 2011, 22:36
For me it would be easier because I listen to Spanish and Hebrew songs since my childhood.
Big Brother isn't so popular anymore here, I wish someone from X-Factor or another talent show like Star Factory (mixed format, they also live in a house etc.) could exchnage with another country's show.
Nice to see that different talent shows all over Europe choose ESC songs :D

4th January 2011, 23:07
Crazy Spanish people... :lol: They could do anything. I'd love to see "Bandido" performed by the Israelis. xrofl3

5th January 2011, 17:43
^^It's gonna be so funny! I'm sure!

6th January 2011, 12:40
The Israeli performance from Yesterday ;)


8th January 2011, 01:57
I thought everything was gonna be awesome but when they started singing... xrofl3 Still, it was well-put together. ;)

8th January 2011, 20:25
I thought everything was gonna be awesome but when they started singing... xrofl3 Still, it was well-put together. ;)

xrofl3 xlol Their Spanish is good though :)

9th January 2011, 10:13
Performance is not bad, but their voices...

9th January 2011, 13:52
Is this the Spanish one??


9th January 2011, 14:57
xrofl3 It sure is! :lol:

9th January 2011, 17:41
Spaniards sang better but still not good, imo :lol:
Abnyway, it was a good fun =)))))

13th January 2011, 13:28
Unfortunately, there is no BigBrother this year in Germany :(

19th January 2011, 18:46
LOL I saw it and it was so funny!

But how in hell Spain sent that bimbo blonde girl to Israel?? what a shame.... :lol:

The juries which decided were Big Brothers in Argentina, Italy and Greece and they all gave the 12 points to Spain, so we're the first winners ever of this invention :lol:

Here are the results:


19th January 2011, 18:52
^^^Well, you had more time to make rehearsals for the show lol and more singers you had. but good job ;)It was funny tbh!

26th March 2011, 12:01
The finalists of "Israeli big brother 3":


Today is the final, who will win? ;)

27th March 2011, 01:21
and unfortunatlly Jacky won (the rightest)... i wanted nofar or lihi (the 2 girls lefter to jacky)! :D