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24th August 2010, 15:18
Before ESC 2010 I said to me (after deciding to attend UEFA Champions League Final 2012 in Munich) if sometime in my life ESC returns to Germany, I want to be part of it and want to see it live.

Now, Lena has made our dream true and my 2011 aim is to attend the ESC (sooner than expected). To those of you who've been at ESC in recent years. How do I get tickets? And how long did you stay? Did you only attend the final, or semi-finals too? How much did you pay for a ticket? Is it really that difficult to get one ticket?

A lot of questions, but I want to make sure that I'm at ESC in my home country. :) It's like a life dream (after seeing Germany win at the ESC). ^^

25th August 2010, 22:24
Hey Lotus :)

I went to ESC when it was in Serbia. I attended the second semi only. It's a wonderful experience, you will see if you go. As for the tickets it's still VERY early for that. I think we might get some preliminary info about them at the end of this year, but they won't be out until next year. So, we must wait

10th September 2010, 09:47
ill be able to make the final
as ill already have had to book flights and hotel is it reasonable enough to get the tickets

12th October 2010, 16:36
According to eurovision.tv the tickets will go on sale in late fall. We'll keep you updated!

2nd November 2010, 21:18
The tickets will go on sale in November or December.

They will sell tickets on 7 shows: 1 final + 2 semis + 4 rehearsals.

The most cheap tickets will cost 19

16th November 2010, 17:43
How much will the final tickets cost? And when will they be out? Does anyone know? I don't want to find out when all the tickets are sold :P

16th November 2010, 18:19
^check eurovision.tv and this site (http://www.espritarena.de/de/contentid/1196/0_0_0/content) every day.

or even better. Go here, submit your e-mail for their newsletter and they will notify you when the tickets will go on sale as soon as the info will be available: http://eurovision.ndr.de/service/ticketsesc101.html

16th November 2010, 19:23
We'll keep you updated on here as well.

They are supposed to be affordable. A lot of tickets will be available especially in a big hall like that.
I am also getting ready to buy my tickets ASAP!!!!

19th November 2010, 18:41

no seats in dusseldorf? omg :shock:


19th November 2010, 19:48
I don't think that this the final layout. I don't think that the EBU will allow a standing area.

20th November 2010, 11:05
I really wanna go to Germany, maybe I will :). I mean, it's around 15% that I'll go for now hehe :)

20th November 2010, 16:41
If you go let me know. I'll be there, too.

20th November 2010, 17:00
^^Sure :)

20th November 2010, 23:49
The tickets aren't released yet so why would they give out a layout for the seats? It looks strange...