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25th July 2010, 00:58
Yes, it's the title of Estonian song in 2006, but I would like to knoow, what you see, if you look through your window! What's the view like ...
When I look through my window, I see a lot of green;) There is mountain, a field and meadow and some trees ... Yes, and some houses in our very very small neighbourhood :) And in the background there is my home town Mežica ... It's quite a nice panorama :D

25th July 2010, 15:36
This is a view through my front balcony, I will add more later: 8-)


25th July 2010, 20:13
what about the sun you made shine xrockout

sorry i had to do it :lol:

25th July 2010, 20:17
I remember there was similar topic in the old forum, it was fun to see views from forum members windows :D

Vatro, your neighbor has a very nice hedgerow, I like it a lot:)

Unfortunately I live in a flat, in front of building we have only small jardinieres where we (tenants) have succulent plants.
(I'll make photo some other day)

25th July 2010, 22:23
Vatroslav you have a beautiful view! :D

25th July 2010, 23:29
I see a lot of trees and houses. Given that I am on the hill, I see a great part of Zagreb and in the night it's really a beautiful view :D Maybe I post a pic, but some other time.