View Full Version : Collab: Juliana Pasha - It's All About You (Piano Cover)

25th February 2010, 01:55
Hello, Nice to Meet You all!

I was watching the Skopje Fest 2010 and I was astonished by how Albania has improved their song with their editing so I decided to make an Arrangement of it. I'm not trying to recreate the Jazzier version of It's All About You. Just the new English 'Nuk Mundem Pa Ty' Dance Version shown on Skopje Fest.

I'm doing this by ear and have already got the melody for the Chorus and Break of the song and I just have the Verses and all of the Harmony and then that's it. But, I was wondering if someone would like to help me give their expertise and collaborate with me to help me make the first Piano cover released to the public (via mp3 and Youtube).

If anyone is:
*Dedicated to Eurovision music (especially if you've got an interest in this particular song)
*Knows how to play the Piano (to a good extent)
*Knows how to play by "ear"
*Would be interested in collaborating with me to make the arrangement

Then please contact me and I'll get back to you!
Thank You for reading and I hope you reply if you have the skills and euthusaism to produce an arrangement for Juliana Pasha - It's All About You too.

Here is Juliana's Pasha version that I am hoping someone would join/help me recreate: