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13th February 2010, 11:20
The question is coming...

Do u use Twitter? :mrgreen:

I use it just to follow some celebrities so won't give my account's link :D :P

I like Twitter because you can learn what your favourite celebrities are doing and even you can communicate with them. I can give u some familiar names' twitters;


Sertab Erener

Manga(for Eurovision)

I also want to follow some other ESC artists so if you know their official Twitter pages, please post the link here :)

No Name
14th February 2010, 14:40
Yeah, I do use twitter. I update on a regular basis, but I don't use it as often as facebook. Twitter admittedly is a useful site if you want to follow your favourite bands/celebreties/whatever.

14th February 2010, 16:18
I don't use twitter at all. It's pointless to me. I'm not into celebrities and don't really care what's going on in their lives. I prefer facebook.

14th February 2010, 19:26
I dislike Twitter! People tend to write things like "I am going to the bathroom", "My mom just talked to me for half hour and it was boring", "I am gonna go out, be back in 5 minutes". Why on Earth anyone would care if you go to the bathroom and you are posting that as a status, so everyone can see it?? :shock: :? Some people are posting things there every half and hour or so (and its not important). Twitter is too redneck if you ask me.

15th February 2010, 17:48
Actually i use it to follow their work more than their personal life because if an artist will release something, it is generally announced first on Twitter.

18th March 2010, 20:18
Twitter is awesome. :) The best SM tool at the moment. :)

Feel free to follow me. twitter.com/Dzejndou 8-)

18th March 2010, 21:24
Paula Seling on Twitter and also pictures from the video shooting from today :

19th March 2010, 11:18
Paula Seling on Twitter and also pictures from the video shooting from today :

I follow her :)

13th July 2010, 07:50
I think Its mainly made for celebrity. I used before but I don't like to use this social site. And that having function has to made very tough for every new user. But If you want to some celebrity, Fan so this is good site for that, Because you can get all the latest information of your favorite celebrity new update.