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9th February 2010, 15:10
Hey guys, does anyone know how i can register on oikotimes??

I used to be a member but i dont remember my password and apparently there is no "forgot my pass" option so i've tried registering but i can't, it does nothing....

Please help!!

9th February 2010, 15:20
if anybody cares about that site here :lol:
imo, the most simple way is to register the new account there with a similar username.

9th February 2010, 15:25
but if you click on register nothing happens...

9th February 2010, 15:27
I guess there's no other way then.

9th February 2010, 15:31
but i NEED to post, im so mad!! :evil:

9th February 2010, 23:10
Forget about Oikotimes, this place is way better :P *advert geek*

lol. No but seriously, i used to post on their board as well before, and one day i just couldn't log in. I knew my password, and my username, but it simply didn't work. I guess it's something server-related......

10th February 2010, 01:42
Oikotimes is always full of inaccurate information anyways

12th September 2017, 20:13
I am Fotis and i approve of this bump

13th September 2017, 02:29
My answer to a question about oikotimes is "reconsider the choices you've made such that you can ask a question about oikotimes."